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    How often do we look inwards, at ourselves for our mistakes?

    If everything goes on fine, we will happily take the credit. But if anything goes wrong -- as it often does --we look outwards and pin the blame on others. If we have a bad mood, we blame it on the weather. If we are so angry about something, we even blame the hapless servant maid. "You know, I was fine till she spoiled my mood; she spent three full minutes talking to my wife and I lost my cool: is all that we say to a colleague, conveniently forgetting that the servant maid is a vital hog in the machine of our life, more so, in these days of the virus scare.

    This attitude of blaming others for our mistakes is just not healthy. For one, we can always be followers and not leaders. The greatest leaders always take pride in the contribution of team members. If something goes wrong, they take the blame on themselves. Secondly, we do not even understand our own strengths and openly exhibit our weakness on most occasions. Thirdly, there is nothing that can be attributed to others; most bad decisions can be traced back to our impatience, arrogance, adamant attitudes and even bad temper -- everything that is part of us, to the tune of 100%

    For instance, a decision to park five lakh rupees in a risk-oriented mutual fund scheme, or one to resign from a good job, loss of reputation in a particular job -- every single mistake is the result of what we had done and not something that someone had done. The moment we start looking inwards, many creative answers will start emerging for our problems of day-to-day life.

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    It is really an acceptable comment. Our daily routines as mostly with the gadgets and tend to show us busy all through the day without short breaks, sparing time for religious thoughts and so on. This being the situation when can a person spare some time to look back into himself? Hardly few can accomplish such goals who are leading their lives with discipline.
    Lead the leader

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    Taking credit for achievement and blaming others for failure is quite common trend. It can be experienced at every level and in fact most of us are involved in it. As far as personal failure is concerned blaming people or situation or circumstance will not work but if it's related to team leadership, a leader who lead all his team mates should take all of them in confidence for taking any step to avert any unfavourable outcome, else blaming on his team or any member of his team is quite useless or in some cases may result in quarrelling.

    My cousin was on election duty. When presiding officer counted all stationary some stationary was missing. He blamed it for a member of the team and he blamed presiding officer for it and they began to quarrel each other, my cousin interrupted and told them that it was not their fault, rather it was his fault, what would be the solution, quarrelling would not result any solution, listening it both of them stopped quarrelling. They knew that it was not his fault nevertheless he took all blame on himself.

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