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    Breath easy- When we will get rid of wearing masks?

    Many people are complaining that they are not able to breath easy by wearing masks which are not habituated to us, they feel that by wearing the tight mask the Carbon dioxide which is exhaled is being inhaled by default. Moreover the banian cloths made masks are not fit as they give the foul smell of sweating on the second day itself and those who wear other kinds of masks are feeling being suffocated and for many they cannot afford the high end N 95 masks. As these problems are being faced we should be definitely asking in mind as to when this ordeal of wearing masks would be over.

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    It is a common problem for everyone today. Also, it is a worldwide problem. Most of us never wore masks in our lifetime. When this pandemic started, we all felt that it would be over within a few weeks. However, it is taking the time, and God knows how long we all have to continue wearing masks. We might have to wear it for a few more months as a precautionary measure, after the introduction of the vaccine.

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    In fact, we are misusing the mask unnecessarily in places where it is not required. We need to wear masks only in crowded places and where we come across other people. We should wear our mask in such a way that there is a gap for air to flow in. We need not wear while driving a four-wheeler. Bring down your mask when there is no one around you within sight. Bring down and place up very frequently. Have enough masks to wash and use.
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    If your house is not crowded and there is no need to wear the mask. when you are outside when there is no one insight there you can free from using a mask. When you go to a shop or crowded place you have to use a mask. When you are talking to an outside individual definitely we have to use a mask. When we go inside an office, as we don't know when and who comes suddenly to talk with us it is good to wear a mask. Suppose if you are separately sitting in a place and no one sight of you there is no need to wear a mask.

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    We are not using a mask when we are in the house. But when we travel we are using. While travelling in our own car we are not using a mask. But when we are talking to somebody or sitting in an office we are using a mask. As mentioned by the author it is really very inconvenient. But it is a must till this coronavirus problem will be over.
    Many other problems are there. We are not able freely move and we are not able to spend time somewhere for recreation. We have no entertainments like going to eating out and movies. So there are are many problems and we all should pray to God to see that we all will be from these problems at the earliest possible.

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    Mask is to be worn only when we go out in a bus or go inside a shop or bank etc. If we are walking alone in the side of a secluded road probably we do not require to wear a mask but we should have it there only so that we can wear it immediately. The pandemic is still there and we do not see any possibility of it subsiding in the near future and in that scenario we would have to wear it for some more time.
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    Wearing a mask is mandatory only when you go out in people otherwise when one is maintaining a social distance, it is not necessary to wear it. A mask is for one's safety and it should not be a burden or something to worry, whenever we are alone, in our cabin or maintaining a 2-meter space, we can remove the face mask and breath easy. As everyone knows that a cloth mask needs to be washed after the days use as it can carry foul smell and thus washing it after returning will help to keep it clean and safe for the next use. It is worrying for everyone as we have crossed the first half of 2020 but still no changes can be seen but it should not affect us as we need to understand that it takes time to heal or get medicine/vaccine for the COVID-19. Let us for the time being follow the safety norms and keep ourself, our family, our society and our nation safe and protected by following every guideline set by the state and central government.
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    Wearing a mask is a problem for all now but wearing it cleverly can decrease the problem to a certain extent. Like wear masks only when you are going to a crowded place like a market or so but you do not need to wear a mask when you are out for a walk alone. Secondly, if you are not having symptoms of infection or not having any flu kind of infection, not working in hospitals, you need to no wear an N95 mask. These specific masks are for doctors, patients and their family members. Other healthy people can wear normal cotton reusable masks for preventive measures. I am using a double-layered cotton mask and I do not have any complaint of suffocation and foul smell. It can be washed, can be ironed and can be reused as per the requirement.

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    For the next year wearing the mask will be mandatory, because we do not what happens in the near future?. When we are leaving inside our home, it is not a big problem for us, but when we go outside and travel in public bus and car it is important to wear a mask which can avoid the COVID 19 virus. The government and all the police officials are still requesting us to keep social distancing norms and most of the people are not aware of the problem which can affect them. The Spread of the disease is now going fast and now it takes only one week to reach a thousand cases and we can avoid this virus only by keeping Social distance and always clean our hands with the Sanitizer.
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    Wearing a mask is really a problematic issue. I was literally waiting to remove the mask within a few seconds of its use. It is really difficult with banian masks as suggested by the author.

    I usually notice people wearing masks in fields where hardly few people are moving around. When social distancing is maintained and no conversations are done, I hope we can bring it down to help to get fresh air.

    It is better to use a cotton mask, stiched one is much better. We feel comfortable with that as the pores will ease breathing. Especially if we are walking in the parks for daily exercises, these masks are disturbing.

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    Yes, when will we be able to rid ourselves of the mask? Doesn't seem anytime soon. It is sure cumbersome to wear a mask, now that many of us are having to go to the office. It is not possible to wear it at all times. When I am alone at the office, away from others, I do remove it for some time and take a breather. The worst thing is that you have to often touch your mask with your hand and that is quite dangerous. And if it is not a single-use mask then you have to wash it properly at home and allow it to dry at a safe place. Just hope, some vaccine comes and we are rid of the mask for good. Till then let us continue taking the precautions.
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    The heading makes me to think about a popular brand of an Ayurvedic supportive and preventive product for the respiratory health. It is named Breath Easy.

    It is just natural that any restriction can obstruct our freedom to some extent.
    As children we would have resisted to wear clothes. Which child likes to wear cloth, whereas it wants to roam free? But can we allow it to roam naked? The child somehow adapts itself with the clothes on.

    Similarly were not our spectacles a problem and hindrance to us initially? Have not adjusted with it? This is the case with shoes, helmets, and everything which we are not habituated. Once it becomes habit it will be okay. Now we just do not feel that there is spectacle sitting on our face. Certain community have to wear headgear. Once it becomes habit they feel it disturbing if it is not on their heads. It is all just like that.

    Similarly mask also will become a habit. It appears it has to be so at les for some more months.

    I had given some relevant points regarding making and wearing masks in my reponse#697600 to the thread Have you done the mask yourself?

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    I don't think that we are getting rescue from this ordeal of wearing mask in near future. Even after the scientists find the vaccine for corona, no one will be willing to get infected by this deadly virus. It is better to be secured rather than paying hefty medical bills.

    More over, it is a good practice to wear mask while going out of home. It will not only secure you from Corona, but also it will safe guard us from many other air borne diseases.

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    This post is a bit correction of on my earlier view and response to this thread in the said matter and now I want to say that as per latest medical reports it is being told that the virus has a longer life time in the air where it remains suspended so in that case there is a lurking danger of getting it to us through the airborne route so I am afraid we have to use the mask everywhere when we go outside of our house. It is a difficult situation but as life is the most precious thing we have no other go except to follow it. We should also think that how the doctors and nurses are managing their duty with mask on their faces throughout the day.
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