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    Planting Money Plants in home Good or Myth?

    I have heard that planting money plants at home in indoor or outdoor will bring money to the family and it can grow like a tree. The money plants can bring fresh air and good purification to our home, but don't know whether it can bring money to the family. Do you support planting Money Plants at home? Is it Good or a Myth? Give your opinion and views on the topic. This is my entry for ISC 13th Birthday Special- A thread a day challenge
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    It is a popular belief in many Indian households. People keep it in their homes and workplaces as they feel their wealth will increase, and they will never run short on money. However, it is just a belief. Although Vastu and Feng shui strongly recommend it. Also, it is named so because of the shape of its leaves which look like coins.

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    The money plant is a decorative plant that beautifies our home. It grows if it is nurtured well. Otherwise, it won't grow. It is said that the money also grows as the plant grows. It is a belief.
    I too had the same belief. I too wanted to have more money and be rich. Also, it is said that the plant should be stolen from some rich man's yard and grown at our home. Certainly, we cannot expect a poor man having a money plant.

    What I did was this. In my area, there was a bank branch of ' Dena Bank'. Who else can be richer than a Bank holding crores in lockers? It had a very big money plant circled around a tree that was easily accessible to break a branch of it from the bank's first floor premises. I brought a branch and planted it. It grew well and reached the rooftop. Yet my bank balance did not go up. It remained the same.

    In my village house, I did the same. The plant did not grow, but my bank balance improved manyfold.

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    If money plants can help us to become a wealthy person then I think it must be the easiest way to eradicate poverty from our country. Every Indian will be as rich as Mukesh Ambani and most of our industrialists will be richer than Bill Gates. Obviously our country's economy will go on top in the world and we can export our money plant to all countries on higher prices provided that nowhere this magic plant exist but in India.

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    It is more of a belief. Nowhere in any sastra, it is written that money plants should be grown to get more money. Probably someone might have got some good wealth after they grow a money plant in the house. So by knowing this fact many people started growing these plants.
    I think it is more for decoration purpose, I think. I have seen this in many offices and houses. We also have a plant in our house. I don't think that there is any relation between the money plant and our wealth.

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    It is just superstition. If money plant would give money then no need to go anywhere for job. We can get money easily by planting money plant in house. We would be able to eradicate poverty from our country. It is true that planting trees refreshes our environment. I have seen planted money plant in house as well as office. I think, it is planted for decoration. There is no connection with money.

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    There is no Scientific proof for saying by growing money plant the person become rich. It is simply a superstition only. But by planting a money plant, it may give beauty to your house and will purify air around your house. Money plant is simply an ornamental and decorative plant.

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    Growing any plant (time tested) is good. However one should avoiding growing plants inside closed rooms, like bed rooms etc. When we live in oxygenated atmosphere and feast the greenery and coolness of nature we work calm and efficient and progress. Most plants are air purifiers and dust filters. They give a cean environment.That may be the reason in these kinds of faith. We need not question or take new faith. But we can do so by testing and feeling ourselves.

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    It is a matter of faith and belief and by chance as a coincidence if you get money after planting it then your faith would be doubled and you would be the best person to market this idea for the benefit of others in the society. This is not the alone thing as there are many such things in the world in which people have faith or even blind faith.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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