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    Let's become a better version of who we are

    Kids get compared with other kids right from early childhood. Those kids may be from their schools or tuitions. Comparison between siblings also takes place. Kids are coached not to celebrate whenever others outshine them, even if their performance was outstanding at that time. It is because their best performance got overshadowed by someone else's performance as others reached the benchmark before them. This thing continues ahead in life as comparison becomes a belief system.

    This kind of comparison only brings stress and elevates the anxiety level. Every one of us has to walk on our path in the journey of life. Thus, it is much better that we concentrate on our progress and not get jealous when others excel. There is a simple formula to succeed in life, and that is to become a better version of who we are. Be it the academy test or any activity of our day to day life, all we have to do is that we have to improve in it. Every day when we sharpen our good qualities and get rid of evil ones, we will become better human beings. Every day when we improve our skill and polish it, soon we will master it.

    How many of you feel that comparison is a must? How many of you think that there is no need for any comparison?

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    Comparing with others is a natural human trait and I do not think that we can get rid from this habit or characteristics so easily. By comparing only, people come to know their deficiencies and then a boost for performing is produced in them. Without that comparison how can one get motivated for working. They do not have any other mechanism so far. As regards to the concept of making improvement in oneself, that is not an easy task to achieve as keeping a watch of own progress without external benchmarks is a problem and difficult proposition. It is true that one should do better than earlier but again the yardstick is missing.
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    We all know that we should not compare our child with another child. But we do that mistake thinking that our kid will take it a challenge and try to do better. But the fact is that our children may get demotivated and their performance levels may come down. We should first appreciate their performance and congratulate them. After that, we can tell them that there is some scope for further improvement. That will see that the child will enhance his efforts further and will improve. I am of the opinion is that no comparison is required. We should keep our lost time performance as a base level and we should try to further improve upon that. An individual can overcome his weaknesses and improve his strengths so that he will do better.
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    Some are born with fewer advantages and some with more. Some are born in wealthy families, some have more concentration power, and some have better social connections. What about all those who do not have these advantages? Thus, the comparison is not fair as all the factors do not match up and thus, the results will not be the same.

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    In a group it is natural to have comparisons with other members and that is how the psychology of comparing works. If there is no bench mark or sample performance how we would know our performance.
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    We should always strive to grow and be better than what we were. It is not limited our physical growth. It relates to our psychological and intellectual growth too. It relates to our humane values too. We should not remain ignorant forever.
    That is our age old teaching by Upanishads and Vedas say:
    Asato ma Sat gamaya
    amaso ma jyotirgamaya,
    Mrityorma Amritam gamaya"
    (Let me grow from unreality to reality; let me grow from darkness to Light; let me grow from mortality to immortality")

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    We are like the first version of an App when we are born. As we grow and learn we keep on updating ourselves with the new content, situation, condition, ability, personality, circumstances, beliefs, etc. Everything around us teaches us something and if we are ready to learn from it, we will be able to get the best of it. We indeed get compared with others and many of our accomplishment may be overshadowed by the winning streak of others but with every participation, we learn something new. It gives us experience, lesson, a way, method, an approach, a slap and even laughs at us. We need to take it as a stepping stone and keep on updating ourself to the latest version so that one day we become successful and are no longer compared with others but by our quality. The comparison may never end but we can try our best to become a better version of who we are and force people around us to praise us for what we are and not what they want us to be.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    Comparison arises everywhere, whether it is children or old. Siblings learn from each other but it should be positive. Comparison should help in motivating ourselves rather than keeping us backward. We should learn the best habits to inculcate in our life to improvise on our thoughts and actions.
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    Varghese has explained my post in detail. The comparison may never end in the world. It is we who can learn to ignore it. We cannot become what others wish for us. Every second we have to learn new things and strive for excellence. Every second we can better ourselves and slowly but steadily reach our goal.

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    In my opinion, comparing with kids will only bring stress and difficulty in their mindset. Each student will have different capabilities and interest and we cannot judge it with other students. Parents must make up their mind and teach their kids not to focus on other students interests, rather try to build their own talents which can be successful in later life. Don't go in a path where everyone follows, but put a path of your own and the world will come to you and will count for your talents.
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