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    No life with out Mask on earth. What is the state of your Masks?

    My dear fellow ISCian,
    A face mask has become the part and parcel of our life now. It has become a compulsion for an infant baby to a very old guy need to wear a Mask in the public. This is mainly due to the Corona that rules the world for the last six months.

    The market is flooded with face masks. Its cost is ranging from from Rs. 10 to 1000. By this time, many might have bought masks of their choice and must be using them, and might have stocked them for future use.

    Let us discuss.
    How many masks do you have? And what is the price of your mask? What is your recommendation about the mask that we should buy? Any other interesting thing about masks.

    About my Masks.
    Until the end of June 2020, I was using only my handkerchief as a face mask.
    I had bought a wash and use cloth face mask in the month of January prior to the arrival of Corona. It cost me only Rs. 40/- ( I did not use it}
    One of my relative girls presented me with 5 face masks costing Rs. 20/ each (use and throw).
    I received 10 in number washable white Masks from Ramraj cotton. It costs Rs. 50/- each.
    Now I ordered 5 in number masks from Amazon. It costs Rs. 60/- per mask.

    The main purpose of my stocking masks is to donate to the people who come to my home without a facemask.

    This is my 6/15 (6th July 2020) thread for ISC's 13th Birthday Challenge Contest.
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    Yes, a mask is a very essential thing in present situation to go outside our house. In the beginning, there is no availability of masks, sanitizers, and even Dettol in medical shops. At that time we used handkerchiefs as our masks. Later, we got two 10 rupees masks for Rs.40. We bought a small sanitizer bottle at a high cost. After that, we bought some more Rs.10 masks and even gloves. Then the our government-supplied two cloth masks for each individual freely. Recently we bought 5 layered N95 masks costing Rs.75 each four in number for our family. As the shop belongs to Sainiks we got it for a lesser cost. A big sanitizer bottle also we bought in that shop recently.

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    It is very true that mask has become a necessity in this situation and it is a must now to contain the virus if accidentally it is sprayed upon us by someone coughing near us. At the same time if I am carrying this virus but not affected by it due to my resistance then I am called an asymptomatic carrier and it is essential that I wear a mask otherwise I would pass it to anyone as I am not coughing but having it in my breath. Earlier I was using disposable masks costing Rs 25 only but later I switched to big size cotton handkerchiefs which are thick enough to protect us from any virus.
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    Yes. We all have to use masks for going out. There are many varieties of masks. I have been using masks from March 2020. I had been to Ahmedabad in the first week of March, In that journey, the company which I visited gave me two samples of masks. I was using them. Then the HDFC Bank Manager gave me some masks. Still that stock I have. So I have not purchased any masks so far and I am using them. Even I have given masks to all my family members. My sons purchased some masks and they are costing around Rs.50/- per piece I think. I am using hand gloves also when I go out. Those gloves also I got from my HDFC Bank Manage who is my good friend.
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    I am using my handkerchief to mask myself. When I go to market do I use the facemask as it is better to be safe? As it is mandatory to use facemask while in public, I do use a cloth mask to cover my nose and mouth. The mask is for our safety and using the common one helps to prevent the spread of the virus. The common mask helps to transfer the spit or saliva and is useful as a shield. As I am using the handkerchief as a mask, I do wash it every day and use a new one, the next day. The cloth or handkerchief is not only helpful but even cost-effective.
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    I have purchased only two masks, it is use and throw. I hardly move out, so the other one is kept safely. Usually, ladies keep the gold and documents safely but today we have to keep these in safe deposit lockers.

    The cost of the mask is Rs.20/- per mask. So if at all you have to gift someone, this is the best item I think. The receiving person should trust you, that is also important.

    It is better to use cotton masks stitched by the tailors. We can buy a long piece of cloth and ask them to stitch a few masks if we are regular travellers in crowded areas.

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