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    Do you support Online classes in the present academic year for school going children?

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the entire educational schedule got severely disrupted. Last academic year's final exams are also not completed in a proper way. Due to the severity of the situation many boards promoted the students to the next classes by considering internal marks. But as the new academic year started, many private institutions started online classes for school going children to PG level. Some of the private institutes started online classes even in the summer holidays itself. But government institutions have not started any online classes for students. At present, the AP government announced Private school institutions to stop online classes for school children. The reasons that they are saying are school institutions are pressurizing parents to pay the school fee and other charges, parents have to spend on buying Smartphones or tablets or laptops, bear charges of net data, children will be put into discomfort as they face eyesight problems and psychological problems. Poor students in government schools cannot go along with Private school students in studies in this academic year.

    Already ICSE Board and some other state boards have reduced 25% of the syllabus in the present academic year. There is already an estimation, the educational institutions may not be fully functional till November. The central government also not clearly announced any schedule for this academic year. There is no other go other than conducting online classes to accomplish education to some extent in this pandemic situation. Do you support Online classes for School Children in the present pandemic situation? Why or why not? Think like a parent of a schoolchild and respond to this thread.

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    I don't support either the online classes or classroom classes. This year should be left free for all the students. They should learn at home freely. And all should be promoted to their next higher classes without any examination. Online classes will affect the students health. Especially the eyes would be seriously affected. I strongly don't recommend it.
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    Already no examinations were conducted for the academic year 2019-20. Now, this is the time that we have to start academic year2020=21. But we don't know when the classes will start. So if no classes this year also, the government may go for promoting them next year also. This will not be a wise move.
    From primary schools, it may be Ok. But higher class students should understand the subject well. As there are no chances for starting the classes for another two months, it will be wise to start online classes to Engineering student, degree students and intermediate students., Some teachings will be there and students may be able to understand the course.
    The main aim of the study is to understand the subject and use it else whereas and when required. Let the teachers start teaching so that the students will get benefitted to some extent at least. At least 2 or 3 hours a day online classes will be better for the students.

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    Well, there is no other go, other than the online classes. The present conditions do not warrant the opening of the schools and colleges. Already most states have postponed the opening of the educational institutions indefinitely. No one knows when the situation will return back to normal and the schools and colleges could be opened. Till that time one has to continue with the online classes. Thanks to technology, these days we have many online platforms through which these online classes are being conducted very efficiently. The availability of infrastructure for cheap internet services is also helping in a big way to conduct these online classes. Most students do have either a desktop, laptop, tablet or a smartphone. Any of these gadgets would do. Though online classes are no replacement for the real classes, at least the students are not sitting idle at their home. Other than being taught by their teachers, they are getting to do some homework, projects and even tests are being conducted. So yes, online classes are not bad. At least we can console from the fact that something is better than nothing.
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    In your opinion school children definitely needs online classes or not? If online classes are not conducted for them, what is the fate of their education under these uncertain circumstances? What are the remedies you suggest for this? Members, please go through these issues.

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    Wherever it is feasible, online classes should be conducted. It is necessary otherwise the students would be out of touch with their education. How can we make a gap just like that in their career.
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    I support it now as it is the only alternative. But I would be happy the school classroom teaching and learning resumes in a conducive atmosphere, without fear and scare, as early as possible. I pray for finding an effective medicine and/or vaccine to Covid soon.

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