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    How faith makes a difference?

    All of you are aware of the term 'Faith makes all the difference' and I am sure many would agree to it. This faith can be on anything. It may be a person, the God, religion and even your pet. It can be a bit complex to answer why we have faith in something or someone. Maybe it's our experience on something that compels us to think that if we just have faith we will get the desired result. Or maybe, since we have faith in that person she/he will not do anything unpleasant. This faith is a kind of thought process that starts inside us before the actual job is done. You may say it's a type of energy that works here to make a difference. I will not disagree. Indeed it's a form of energy that makes it possible. Just think of it how this faith works. We have faith that this/that thing will be done. We do not say this/that thing will not happen. We say such things like "I have complete faith that no harm will be done" only when the action is not desirable by us. Here the action is harm and nobody wants it to happen. When we have faith in something we always desire a good result. Faith is always towards positivity and not negativity in any way. It's the positive energy of the thought process that makes all the difference. That's why faith makes a difference. Members, what do you say?

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    Faith is a kind of strong belief in something and that you think that it never puts you in trouble. Faith comes on a thing because that you're inner self always get satisfied by it. That satisfaction gets registered in your mind unknowingly as belief. If this belief fails more times you lose faith in it unknowingly. Sometimes too much faith on a thing may disappoint us.

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    Faith is a factor which plays an important role in many of our actions in our life. If we have faith in a person we will believe him even though he is telling lies to us. If we don't have faith in a person even though he is true, we will not believe him. So people will be careful with their bosses till they get faith in him. Once the impression is obtained they may start doing mischiefs. Similarly, if we have faith in a system, we will follow that even others discourage you. If we don't have faith in a particular system we will not follow them.
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    Faith definitely makes a difference, a big one to say the least. Here in this post, I will discuss one aspect of faith. It is the faith that you have on your own self. Often we come across friends and acquaintances who are short on confidence due to some or the other reason. They kind of lose faith in themselves. Why others, it often happens with us too when we are put into severe difficulties in our personal lives. We kind of lose the confidence to weather the storm. At this time it is faith that helps. It is the faith in our own self, in our own capability that can do wonder for us. It is not that a star batsman never gets out for a duck. It is the faith in his own capability that brings him back to the next match with renewed vigour and score a hundred. At times, when it seems everything is lost, it is again faith that helps us to stand up and face the world with renewed energy. So faith does help and one should never lose faith on one's own self.
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    From the replies of the members, it is clear that faith makes a difference. But isn't it making the difference because of the positivity it creates? Think about it. I find positivity has something to do for making some difference.

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    Faith is something that makes us to cling to a concept. People have faith in God, people have faith in religion, people have faith on their family, people have faith in many things and once faith is there then nothing else matters.
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    Faith is a deeper belief and acceptance. It may be beyond ration and rests only on personal acceptance. Many times faith can be at loggerheads with ration and logic. But still faith can work for those who keep faith.
    It will be disposed as co-incidence by rationalists, as they still do not have real explanation. Many diseases get cured just by faith. It is a strong self-confidence of the mind. Everyone will have some faith. It is our faith on modern medicine that makes us visit doctors and take medicines given by them even if we have not even heard of those medicines. Here it is not from our own rational tested experience, but just a strong faith.
    However faith is exploited by many. This makes that much faithful land in problems also.

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