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    Is it correct to evaluate a student only on the basis of the examination?

    The students study the whole the year and after that, we take the examination and according to that exam, we evaluate the students. The question arises is it the correct form to evaluate the students. Many factors affect the result of the examination. The type of question paper, examiner, health condition of the students, etc.

    So, in my opinion only on the basis of one exam, we cannot evaluate a student correctly. Is there any other form of evaluation? Especially for the students of board examination. Since in local exam CCE method is used for the evaluation.

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    After completing one year of study, a student will be examined in year-end exams. Of course, this will test the grasping and understanding abilities of the student. The exam also tests various skills of the student. A student who didn't do well in the exam we may think it is not the real ability of the student. For example, in such an exam the best of the best student only will come top. CBSE has introduced the CCE system in order to evaluate all aspects of the students in a year and those marks will be added to the final exams. So such a system will eliminate any discrepancies arise in the year-end evaluation only in final exams.

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    Evaluating the student many times during the course and adding those marks will be the best way. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system is a better system than the one-time year-end exam. This year school worked till March month but they couldn't conduct the examinations. So all the students were promoted. If the CCE system was in force, the students might have been evaluated during the course. Based on the performance in the examinations conducted in CCE before might have been used to decide the result.
    Generally, in all the schools' slip tests, quarterly examinations and half-yearly examinations will be conducted. The student's performance in these examinations should also be taken into account while deciding the performance of the student.
    Another method is to conduct evaluation tests by the schools after completing each chapter in the subject. This will give a chance to evaluate the student's knowledge in that subject.

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    I am also of the firm opinion that examinations cannot be the only base of information which can decide the intelligent and importance of any student. Exams are conducted only to know the understanding compatibility of the students as regards to each subject and even in this case too a student is given the choice to attempt only few questions out of so many given their to answer. That choice would make a student to chose the prudent questions and answer only for them and even in that case we cannot consider that a student is far superior in scoring marks as all the questions were not answered. Likewise the student may be intelligent in general knowledge, art, may be very good at reasoning and even judging the right thing at right time. All these are not accessed during the exams and just given credence for what the student wrote.
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    Every subject teacher knows very well about all his students how much each of them is intelligent, knowledgeable and efficient in his subject.
    I taught in a private school for a few years. I adopted my own way to evaluate the performance of students concerning half yearly and final examinations.

    I would see the over all performance of each student from the inception of the session till examinations besides what they did in answer sheets I would give some extra marks to those who consistently performed well.

    Particularly Brilliant students would always get my special favour if they failed to perform well in examination because of any genuine reason like sickness or someone's death in family etc

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