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    Why clock hands move clockwise

    Ever wondered why the minute, hour and the second hands always move in the clockwise direction. We do not ever see a clock that has hands moving in the anticlockwise direction, right? Ever imagined whether there is any scientific explanation to this? There is one explanation for sure. To understand that we have to go back in time when there weren't any clocks, watches or time pieces. How did people measure time then?

    Those were the days, when people made use of sundials to keep track of time. In our country too, in Jaipur, Delhi, Ujjain, Varanasi and Mathura, we have sundials that were used by our ancestors for measuring time. Heard of Jantar Mantar, right? If you have seen a sundial, you must have noticed that the sun rays fall on the dial in such a way that the shadows formed, move in a clockwise direction. Thus when mechanical clocks were ultimately developed, the same direction was selected for the hands to turn.

    By the way, has anyone ever seen a clock that has its hands turning in an anticlockwise direction? I have seen many. Will let you know later.

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    Very simple is the reason. It is because the earth is rotating towards the right. Keeping the north pole up on top, the earth is rotating towards the east. This is evident from the sun rising from the east and setting in the west. Therefore the clocks are also designed to rotate to the right. It is easy to set the clocks to rotate to the left with some modification in the machinery. If we hold a clock facing a mirror, we can see the clock rotating to the left inside the mirror.
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    Quite intelligent of you Sun. Yes, by holding the clock in front of a mirror we can see the clock hands moving anticlockwise.
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    I also think that it is related to the motion of the sun in the sky which appears as clockwise only. During the last so many centuries the clockwise motion has become synonymous with forward motion. The motion of clock hands is a forward motion only which signifies that we are moving ahead.
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    The watches are designed in such a way that they will start their moment from their right-hand side. I think the term clockwise direction came from the movement of hands of the watch. The term is coined after seeing the movement only I think.
    When we perform Pooja we make a round around us three times and we will start moving from our right-hand side. This is the procedure laid down in the epics. Our planet earth will also move in the right direction only. So the watch designers followed the same. So we see always the clock hands are moving in their right-hand side only.

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    It is correct about the origin of clock and clockwise related to sundial shadows.. However it is so as we are in the Northern hemisphere. It will be different in Southern Hemisphere. However as we have followed a system is now universal that clock has to move clockwise.
    But as in everything clocks also have become digital and now old clocks may lose their place. But the direction of movement in a circular motion will still be known as clockwise or anticlockwise.

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