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    The uniform marching of ants

    A cute little girl Preethi was playing hide and seek in the absence of her parents. Can you guess with whom? with the ants in the house. It was a breezy day. There was a huge thud! sound which locked Preethi in a room. The cook could not hear her cries as the television volume was high. Preethi became tired and slept.

    After some time her parents reached home, searching for Preethi all around. They lost hope and collapsed down. Suddenly, they saw a group of ants forming a line and marching left-right, left-right. Mother took a close look and followed. It led them to the room.

    Preethi was saved. The family was thankful for the ants to drive them to reach their daughter.

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    The story was funny and yet fearful as we cannot be careless in case of security and safety of our children and they should be under the watchful eyes of the parents and others. Never allow children to play alone and they have the tendency to lock from inside and cannot open again. Coming to the story of ants, even I used to get fascinated with the fact that ants follow the march very systematically and one would follow the queue system so that not a single ant miss the route. Once I played with the ants when I was a child. I just intervened and put a line across the path of the ants that were moving very fast as if there is a urgent call to attend. Once the line is drawn the queue is broken and there was panic among the ants as some mischievous thing happened on them and they need to communicate to others and one ant would travel reverse and the issue is addressed.
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    I think many of us have had this curiosity as a child to follow the ants and see the end where they go into some hole; the extra inquisitive child will likely poke a stick into the hole to explore what's in it. Today, if we see a line of ants, we do fear which food source they have attacked and will want to follow the trail to check the source and clean out the box or packet.
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    The inquisitive nature of the kids will lead them to go the way the ants are going to see where these ants are going. They will try to know why they are going in a line and what they are carrying etc. They will put many questions to their elders. It will become a story to them when they are not eating and trying to avoid. Slowly they will start eating while hearing the story of these ants.
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    There is a lot to imagine and connect, in the story.
    It gives a message that children are always curious and do not know the consequences of their actions. It is for parents and elders in the home to be alert and watchful always.
    Negligence of prudent precautions can land into serious problems. Ants can be indication and signals to various matters. They are one of the disciplined creatures around.

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    The trails of ants with so much of disciplines was an example I was given the most during my childhood days. Our sports teacher used to shout on us saying, " These ants are more disciplined than you all". We used to follow them with curiosity and many times we have put on our steps on their red soil homes. I remember one incident when I was trying to catch one big red ant using a toffee wrapper and it bit me on my finger. Since that day, I stopped following them and I still keep a safe distance from ants.

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    Ants are very disciplined and have brilliant team work. I read some place that there are scout ants which first go and survey an area for food and if food is found they come back to the group and inform about it and then a long trail of ants starts to proceed to that place following the scout ants where food is there and then continues their relentless action to transport the food to their hiding place. We should learn networking from the ants.
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    @ Venkiteswaran
    I really appreciate your thoughts well connected to my thread on marching ants.
    @Neeru Bhat
    Rightly said, Children, to learn such disciplinary actions and hardworking behaviour in their lives when elders set such beautiful real-time examples.

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