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    My forum thread for TOW Drive converted to ask expert section

    I have submitted a thread about Google Drive to participate in the TOW contest. The thread was about "How to purchase extra Google Drive space?"

    I have also sumitted the forum thread link in the TOW contest announcement thread. But Mr.Varghese bring me to notice that my forum thread is converted into Ask Expert Question.

    This makes my thread no longer eligible for the TOW contest. How can the editors directly decide this conversion and make my thread on "Drive" ineligible for the contest?

    I request lead editors to look in this issue. I want my thread in forum for the TOW contest.
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    Deepti Shriram,

    When raising a thread related to the contest, it is required to mention at the end of the text that it is an entry for the contest. Otherwise, any thread that looks more appropriate for the Ask Expert section will be shifted by the forum editor to that section. However, while going through the entries, the jury panel has nevertheless considered your thread as an entry for the contest.

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    Respected Mam,

    I have been participating in various ISC contest for a while now. And as usual practice I have mentioned contest reference at the end of the thread. Also, I have given appropriate link in the contest thread to my entry. The link however is not active now, as a result of the shift to the Ask Expert.

    If the thread is still considered for the contest then I will mention the changed URL there. Should I?

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    Deepti Shriram,

    The contest reference was not mentioned at the end of the thread and hence, as I indicated, it was shifted to the AE thread. Also, as I stated, even then it was considered as an entry since you gave a link to it in the contest announcement thread, and the winners have been announced today morning.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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