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    What surprises you the most about nature?

    Our beautiful nature is full of mysteries, suspense and surprises. Different creatures, different plants, fruits, water bodies, power of gravity and so on. Many of these mysteries are now solved and have logics established by science but still, there are many things unsolved. When I was in school, I was really surprised to study about plants that eat insects. Earlier I was aware only about normal plants with leaves, fruits and flowers but these insects eating plants were really new for me. Now, my son asks me so much about volcanoes, about their eruption, lavas, etc. So, what surprises you the most about nature?

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    True. This nature has so many wonders and it is doing the balancing act so that the earth will be a useful place for the people to live on. Nature is giving all required for us on the earth. So far what science has proved or solved are very less and there are many things which are not even understood by science.
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    What surprises me the most is the various life forms on Earth. There are various types of animals and some of them are very low in the consciousness level while some are very high like us the humans. I always think what is this consciousness that is embedded in living beings by nature. Especially the consciousness level in humans. It is really very high and its capabilities and efficiencies are miraculous. In some cultures and societies it is known as soul also though that is an abstract idea, but yes, that is something close to that feeling.
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    For me the whole lots of surprise in the nature always baffles me for many reasons. First the Sun never takes the rest and it is doing the duty everyday without fail not taking single day leave and that is really astonishing. The four weather happens in time and thus creating a reason to live in this world and the sequence of the weather is also a matter to get astonished and ponder over. And the real take of Sun rise getting every morning and the Sun set every evening is the pleasing scene to watch and enjoy when you are away in a village as the Sun would go missing beyond the mountains.
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    The nature totally attracts me and surprises me. I used to lie on the terrace in the night and go on watching the cloud patterns during day or evenings and the stars in the night. I used to get amused on plants germinating, growing, flowering and bearing fruits. I used to get amused y the breeze passing over fields and the paddy bowing their heads. I am amused at the rivers flowing as streams in forests and mountains with their peculiar sound, the mountains the snow, the rain drops, the soil and sand, the sea waves ,the small insects and big animals, the humans anything and everything.
    I always recall a Malayalam verse starting:
    "Anantam ajnaatham avarnaneeyam... .." (by Poet Nalappattu Narayana Menon in his work 'Aarsha Naadam')
    It says that the world is never ending, have no boundaries, it is unknown and never comprehensible, (and continues to say that) what can I see and know, a small human, who looks at this big world, from a remote corner of this huge big world?

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    Everything in nature surprises me. From humans to plants, to animals, to creatures, to climate, to mountains, to waterbodies, rainbows, etc. Each and everything in nature is so beautifully created that we may be surprised when we discover it or come to know about it. There are billions of people but everyone is different and have a different personality, liking, taste, colour, habits, etc. The same applies to plants and animals. The animals understand their group, their path, their territory, their homes, giving birth and taking care, etc. Every plant or trees has its fruits, flowers, blossom, growing methods, etc. The water bodies have their peculiarity like some are sweet water, some salty, some hard, some clean, some green, some blue etc. We have seasons and every season has their anomaly making it favourable to some and itching for others. The birds, aquatic animals, insects, etc have their features and add beauty to nature. When everything blends give a balanced ecosystem.
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    Nature has a lot of things in its basket. It is beautifully created by God. We need lot of patience to look into all the admirations. I admire the flowers in the world from miniature to gaint with different colours, fragrances making one better than the other in its looks. They are grown in small plants, climbers, trees and on mountains too.

    There are so many species. Some of them are grown in our country but some abroad. The value of each flower can never be valued with money. Some flowers are loved for its colour and size.

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    About nature, what really surprises me is the steady rotation of earth without any increase or decrease in its speed. The prediction of eclipses when the Sun-Earth-Moon comes in one straight line. Who created this big earth like a ball and how he made it to rotate on an axis with a tilt in its axis that causes seasons.

    Oh! creator of this earth, I stand and salute you for your wonderful creation.

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