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    College should be free for everyone

    We all want a society where their people have access to higher education and equal opportunities, but we are witnessing a completely different scenario despite our wish. That makes us wonder why and where they are lacking. The primary yet essential thing that comes to our mind is education, and here arises the need for a college education to be free. When people have access to higher education, they have better options for the future, making our society progress economically and socially.

    Today, Automation is changing our lifestyles, our way of doing business, therefore we need skilled people who can understand those automated machines process and work with them. In college, people get creative and technical knowledge, and both are the need of the hour.

    Therefore, college should be accessible and available to everyone for free.
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    Well yes that is true , however the current system needs to improve and adopt new techniques and methodologies in order to be able to make education free for everyone . Do'nt you think so ? .

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    Indeed, a college education is not affordable for all kind of people. We can see that there are students who are having the talent to lead in their life, but they lack due to the amount of money. Nowadays the trend has not gone so far, as rich students are getting enrolled and deserving ones can get a seat in the college. The automation kind of jobs are changing the world, but they need more creative people to lead the generation. Nowadays more creative works are needed and the demand for such people is increasing day by day. The deserving candidates must get a chance and the government must help such people and fund for their education.
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    Education is the most important thing in our lives but unfortunately the commercialisation of education has created its inaccessibility to the poor and lower class people. This is an unhealthy situation and will also be a detrimental factor in the progress of the nation.
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    In India accessibility of Education depends on the wealth an individual is having and on the caste in which the candidate born. A rich man's son who secured just a little more than pass mark can get a seat in a standard college by paying more money as a donation. Similarly, a candidate who born in a particular caste can get a seat in the best college even though he manages to secure the minimum pass mark. Whereas a poor man who secured better marks than both of them will be standing outside the college observing these two people happily walking away with a seat. Under these conditions expecting a free college education to all is really a very difficult thought.
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    Thi is no at all practical. There are a lo of things involved and each incurs cost. So it is not practical to make it universally free education in college.

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