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    Contact sports should be required in school

    Contact Sports should be part of every kid's life as it allows them to learn a lot from it. There are several benefits offer by contact sports. Children learn to respect every team member, coach, and other officials as well, and it also makes children follow specific rules that make them disciplined towards their mates and opponents as well.

    When kids play with a team, they also develop team spirit that teaches them to help and understand each other's emotions and get a feeling of unity. When we say disciplines, it means that they also learn how to live in certain conditions, limit their actions, and help them organize their movements. Moreover, sports direct children to improve their performance through hard work and preparation, a valuable lesson.

    Even children benefit from daily practice and activity. Contact sports improve the child's physical health and prevent them from the risk of childhood obesity.
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    Like-minded people can relate better to a team. Sports is an activity which is practised by all the school. Interschool competitions bring laurels to the school and build social networking. This also gives an understanding of the infrastructure of the school to people visualising such sports events.

    Team spirit also improves them to understand their weakness and positive abilities so as to support their group.

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