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    Do you need homework to learn?

    Every kid needs education for developing essential skills and learning, and school is the most crucial aspect of every kid's life. We know that if any kid is unable to go to school each day to acquire the skills they need to succeed in life, they will be at a loss if they didn't learn for their whole lives. While school is a significant place we should also keep this thing in mind that child gets homework every day to do now the question is, is homework necessary for student's development.

    There are different perceptions regarding the same. According to some people, students receive too much homework, which leads to sleep deprivation, harmful levels of pressure, and health-related issues. On another side, according to them, there are other people that homework should be given to students as it helps them learn efficiently, and it prepares learners for the significant-end tests.
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    Homework is very essential for a student to understand and recapitulate the concepts. Practice makes a man perfect is the key to learning maths or even any subject. Without homework, the learning part of a student will be hindered. So the student will be allowed to do the homework by himself and allowed him to get fruits out of his efforts.

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    Homework is given to get a clear understanding of the concepts learnt. Homework builds students to engage in productive work and recall the concepts taught. Students will be able to express their views too.

    If their work is corrected by teachers and appreciated, they tend to learn better and their confidence levels increase. If there are mistakes, they to learn from those mistakes too.

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    Homework is needed as it helps the overall presentation of the topic. It can help them to recollect the theories which they have studied in the school. For every student, Homework is essential for the overall development of their career. It can boost their morale and help them to achieve their dreams of choice.
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    The idea behind the homework is that the students would keep a touch with their studies beyond school. If homework is not there then they would simply forget everything till the next day when they reach school.
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    I don't recommend any homework for the students. All the things related to the study should be completed within the school hours. Students should not carry school to home and home to school. Let the study at home on their own. Let them play, let them watch TV, let them browse the net. More than school subjects, students need to have other IQ and GK. Homework makes the students overburdened and tired without any other activities. I don't recommend it.
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