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    Education should be privatized.

    Studies done by experts have shown that private schools have a significant impact on children's educational and overall character development. Private schools provide excellent results because of the quality interaction between students and teachers, better education, an environment of collaboration, and healthy engagement. The valuable and robust connection among teachers and students, and well-organized course advancement of private schools, are the impactful factors that determine the students' higher-grade performance.

    These schools further provide excellent learning conditions in terms of school organi­zation, material resources, buildings, fittings, and well-equipped labs with modern scientific tools, and all these elements motivate pupils for an excellent performance.
    Study shows that private schools have a fewer rate of absenteeism, instances of skipping classes, quality homework, smart classes, and greater participation in games and sports. It also pointed out that private school kids are better than public school kids on examinations and self-confidence measures.
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    It is true that private Institutions are doing well and by encouraging them the quality of education may increase. But those institutions are making education as a business. They collect huge fees and an ordinary man can't afford to pay so much amount for their kids' education. But the teachers in private schools will put up a lot of efforts and they work for extra hours to see that their students will perform well. The salaried of these teachers will not be as high as that of Government school teachers.
    Government is spending a lot of money for that. I feel teachers should make responsible for the results and they should be asked to work more vigorously and see that their students will also be getting good marks like private school students.

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    The funding of education has to be increased and I highly discourage the involvement of private education without any stringent regulations in place. The democratic country like India first has to increase the percentage of Gdp allocation to education which is still below countries like Sri Lanka. Instead of encouraging private education what we have to seek in free, fair, and quality education at every doorstep. Being the high percentage of poor and lower-middle-class people the quality education still remains at bay financially and due to continuous lobbying of the private educational giant, inclusive education remains exclusive. Those who can afford go to these educational private giants and those who can't, try to seek educational loans, and now the mismatching of the curriculum with the industries requirement the debt remains high on the people. The right to education comes under right to life, article 21, and free and compulsory education is everyone's fundamental right but it is yet to achieve its purpose.
    For example, why to get admission in government institutions like IIT we can't fight the exams through the school syllabus under CBSE and other state boards. The moment you prepare for the exam you get to know that the content variety and amount are so variable that we can't have any alternative but to go to this high fees taking private coaching. I don't understand that to get admission under the government institutions we have to fight the exam whose syllabus is behemoth as compared to what we have access to schools. And these giants have all the materials, all the access and take the hefty fees from us. Japan, Finland, Korea, and other such best education nations have a strong public education structure. Even UNESCO promotes the democratization of education but we have to walk a long way to match access with uniformity and quality in tandem.

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    India is a poor country with 75 percent of the population lives below poverty line. For them, private education may not be suitable. They can't spend money on their education. Hence, they are dependent on government-run schools for education. Let us maintain the status quo. The current system followed in the country is excellent.
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    I disagree with the author concerning privatization of education sector. Every child has right to get education, this is why government has established educational institutions for them. India is a poor country and majority of Indians can't afford expensive private schools.

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    Every state government has the compulsion to provide free education to the poor and thus there is a need to establish and run more govt schools for the benefit of the poor who want to learn and explore. I do agree that the standards in govt schools are not on par with the private schools education because the govt wants the students to get educated and not to fall in prey for cut throat competition in obtaining ranks. In fact in Telangana state the TRS govt has given much priority to the education for poor from KG to PG for free and thus many schools have been established though the turnout of students were poor. This time the SSC exam results in government schools were good and encouraging and thus many wants to shift to govt schools for the main reason that private schools are charging huge fees which some parents cannot afford.
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