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    Tuneless music is as much fun as melodious ones

    Some of us are quite good at playing an instrument, others have such a good ear for music that we can instantly relate a tune to a particular song and would even recall which movie or music album it is from. We even hum along while doing chores around the house or are expert bathroom singers. Those of us who just don't have the knack for a note and are practically tone deaf so to say will often annoy others with our discordant notes. Who cares, though! I think it is fun to just hum something vague like 'Ta di da dum' or 'Hmm, hmm, hmm' or sing some words totally out of tune, maybe even something that is playing in our head and which pops out on our lips to bring it out loud. Discordant notes and dissonant music has it's own sweet harmony, isn't it?

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    Those were the days when I was just learning playing the harmonica. I was with a group of friends, and we were on the way from Jaisalmer, waiting at the platform in Jodhpur railway station for catching the connecting train to Delhi. I was carrying my mouth organ with me. Since we had plenty of spare time with us I took my mouth organ and started playing some tune of my own. I was just a beginner and didn't know any special tune to play. After a while when I stopped playing it, a fellow traveller who was sitting close to our group asked me. "Hey buddy, why have you stopped playing it? It was quite good". I was quite shocked. It was no tune at all and this person liked it. Woah, it simply made my day that day. And yes, I did keep his request. My friends too agreed, it was not that bad after all. Tuneless music can be fun sometimes.
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    True. There is a poem in Telugu, which says that if go on singing a tune, you will excel in that. Even though one doesn't know any note, if he has a soft voice I think the song may be audible and people will enjoy it. Many times when we here somebody just humming we feel attracted to that voice. I think that music has that power.
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    Music is always pleasant to the ears. Many are not trained but they can play or sing like professional musicians or singers. Many in our group sang well according to me or our group. They may have flaws or maybe technically wrong but it is pleasing to our ears and that is what matters to us. When I was in college, we had a group of bachelor friends that lived nearby and on weekends, we would meet in their room. They would prepare meals and we would sit together and enjoy. There would be singing, music, discussions, etc. Everyone would join in the singing though not a good singer. Those were the days that were best enjoyed as everyone participated and kept the mood. It was not about how good you are but it was just a way of relaxing and being together. I played the drums during my school days but lost touch after that but I still enjoy music and my feet taps when I listen to some music or songs. There are times when I get some new tunes in my mind but forgets about it later.
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    I am neither a good singer nor a bad singer, but I sing and enjoy myself. At times, I try to entertain others with my singing. I compose my own songs and sing with other's tune. I am a fan of late MK Tyagaraja Bhagavathar, a hero and also a singer. In the Eighties, whenever a function was organized by my relatives and friends, I used to sing MKTs songs. After hearing my songs, one of my friends gave me the title "Bhagavathar". He used to address me as 'Bhagavathar'.
    I lost touch with that friend for the last three decades. Recently, when I opened a Facebook account, I could get him. The first word he uttered, " Enna Bhagavathare, Eppadi Irukkeenga?" (What Bhagavathar, How are You.?)I feel proud that my Ulta phulta songs had mesmerizing quality.

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    Normally those who do not know the lyrics of the song and yet like the same would hum it in different way to bring the same chord of acceptance to the self but for others it is a annoying aspect as they know the song and even the lyrics and this person is changing the same for fun. Invariably for that matter any song can be song from the start, middle or even the end stanzas which are likable to us to which no body can object because it is our wish and our like. But distorting the original music score and coming up with our own version of lyrics is something concerned to the copy right violations and no one would tolerate.
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    The music set to "heart Taal" is always lovely. In that regard we are all very good music composers. We can create tunes without any lyrics. I indulgence in such exercise man times. Many times it becomes a sort of monologue too.
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    Most of us fall in this category only. We do not sing the songs to those levels which can be presented in a gathering as nowadays in any gathering there would be so many local experts who would sing so nicely. We have to satisfy with our bathroom singing sessions only. But it is definitely a fun for us. No strings attached. We love to do so like a free bird.
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    I am not at all a good singer. I can't even hum. It's irritating to my ears. When it comes to playing a musical instrument, I don't know it either. However, I do try to sing not in front of everyone but the company of my friends. It is fun to irritate them. Yes, where rhythmic music can earn applause and praises, tuneless music has its advantages and is not funless.

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    Music always attract me, doesn't matter if it's instrumental or vocal. During my school days, I had tried my hand to classical sitar and learnt some Bollywood songs on it. Now I play my son's guitar. It's a very basic kid's version of guitar but I feel good playing slow tune on it. I need to bribe my son to use his guitar otherwise he won't allow anyone to touch it.

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    Art is something that only intelligent species can appreciate. Making art with a concept has often been classified as a quintessential human trait. Archaeologists uncovered flutes that date back from 40,000 years ago. Lyres and basic percussive instruments were the first musical instruments used in earliest civilizations. Music is so engraved in human mind and emotions that people are often classified as tone deaf or normal or beat deaf or normal.

    I have noticed even tone deaf people can recognise songs by their tune/melody. My best friend has terrible tone deafness and cannot reproduce tunes. But she has a good sense of rhythm. And that is one of the take aways, from this thread I have. Music is made 50% with melody/harmony and rest with rhythmic elements. So music is not out of reach to even the tone deaf. The same can be said about beat deaf people, who can enjoy tonal elements of music.

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    Tuneless and melodious music can't be compared. Melodious music thrills our soul whereas tuneless music make us laugh or smile

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    Melodious and tuneless music is not being compared as such, but the point about the possibility of enjoying both is what is being conveyed. Of course, not necessarily it will be enjoyable and make somebody laugh or smile - there can be averse reactions too! In fact, a piece of music that is considered to be melodious to some may sound discordant or shrill, even, to others.
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    I see where are you coming from but if melodious music sounds as shrill or discordant for someone I think he should consult an audiologist immediately.

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