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    ISC is an earning opportunity and a mind refresher in this time of crisis

    I am sure that many of you will agree that has proved to be a positive way out in this critical time. The loads of good people here provide healthy food for thought to our stressed minds through interesting discussions in the forum. On many forum threads the members discuss, agree, disagree and sometimes they agree to disagree. But, these discussions get us the feel of being in the active society. In this era of isolation, these forum discussions and creative writings are keeping our minds fresh and active.

    And to top it with a cherry, this mind refreshing website pays you for quality articles and interesting discussions. Many senior members of ISC are spending their dedicated time here and earn handsome rewards. When the world is facing start of economic recession, earnings from ISC must be found to be a great help to member's family.

    Do you agree? Please share your personal experience on how ISC has helped you to refresh mind or to earn money or both?

    Day 6 of ISC 13th Birthday Special - A thread a day challenge
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    Through ISC I have learned a lot and mistakes I have done in my life. When this site became active onwards I was contributing to this site, but in the middle, I lost the race and was confused about how to move ahead in life. One of my hobbies is now contributing to the site and earn some knowledge in my free time. The payments given in ISC is really up to the mark and all the invoices are paid in time and every member gets satisfied through the transparency of this site. When active contests emerge it is a chance to show our creative skills and improve the exposure of the site. Everyone who is actively contributing must continue to work in the same spirit as they have done from the first day of registering to this site.
    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

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    The most important and amazing thing about this site is that one learns here through contributing. There are so many sections where one can contribute and can improve after getting the feedback from the editors. Contests are also a great medium for learning and induce a competitive spirit in us. I agree with the author that it is a great site to learn as well as earn in that process.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Really, ISC keeps us busy with activities. Especially the forum section is very active with discussion on various topics. I may not appreciate the earning through ISC. It is a peanut earning. It is like a piece of Halwa to a big elephant. But that small peanut and halwa piece fills our stomach and gives great satisfaction.

    From July 1 to July 15, ISC is in a festive mood, with 22 of its members busy in selecting and posting threads, and responding to the threads. I would say that these are the 15 great days that is to be recorded in ISC's logbook.

    No life without Sun

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    I agree to both of you Mr.Ajay and Mr.Umesh, ISC is really an awesome place to share knowledge and earn rewards in the sharing process.
    Life is God's Gift !! Appreciate Life !! Thank you Universe !!

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    Mr.Sun, Yes it is true that the rewards are little as peanuts or halwa. But it is still better to have something rather than nothing.

    I am also enjoying the festive season started in ISC since 1st July 2020.

    Life is God's Gift !! Appreciate Life !! Thank you Universe !!

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    ISC is a platform for people who are having an interest in learning. You can learn and at the same time, you can earn for your pocket expenses. It gives you a chance to express yourself irrespective of your abilities and knowledge. Good contributions will be rewarded and we can learn from those good contributions. Moreover, you can get exposed to many new aspects and new theories expressed by many knowledgable members. I learned many points after starting to contribute to this site.
    Another point we should appreciate is, unlike many other websites, this site is very punctual in announcing the payments and paying them on time. I am regular on this site from December 2016. I have never seen a day's delay in announcing the rewards.
    I like the way in which this website functions. It will give you the liberty to post on the site within the framework of the site. There is no controversy as long as you work within the rules and regulations of the site.
    That is why I think recently there was a thread saying that east or west, ISC is the best.

    always confident

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    For me ISC is a positive hobby. Whatever Cc I get I am happily taking a bonus. No complaints, no disappointment.
    There is no compulsion on me. As far as it goes on smooth and I have spare time I will be visiting the site. My spending time here depends on my involvement and priority in other matters too.

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    Dr.Rao sir I am absolutely in agreement with you that in ISC we get to learn many new things from a bunch of quality authors of ISC. I also accept that ISC is always been very punctual in payments.
    Life is God's Gift !! Appreciate Life !! Thank you Universe !!

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    I am also on the same pitch as you, Venkiteswaran sir. I absolutely enjoy the discussions and knowledge sharing on Hence, whatever CC or points are granted for this sharing, I am happy with it. It does not matter if the CC are less or more.
    Life is God's Gift !! Appreciate Life !! Thank you Universe !!

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    ISC is really a good site. No one can deny its transparency. I have been regular on this site since last two months. I noticed that there are many things to learn here. Recently, I learned how to create an internal link. I enjoyed a lot to this site learning many things. As far as earning is concerned, we can earn money by quality posting. It doesn't matter earning more or less. I appreciate the senior member who always posts quality content by which we learned a lot. ISC gives the opportunity to learn as well as earn.

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