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    To be sensible is not everything, be sensitive too

    To establish one's position in life, be it in career, family or among friends, one has to be sensible. It's not about only having an education, but along with it, a person has to be reasonable and responsible too. Without such qualities, no one can establish oneself in life only through education. An educated person can have a lucrative career, a loving family, a bunch of good friends and relatives, but to maintain one's importance, a person has to act intelligently. Any foolish act can mar his/her career and position among the loved ones, so one has to be sensible in every context.

    Now, the point I wish to make here is that sensibility is not all. One as a human being needs to be sensitive also. Being sensible can fetch a good job or have meaningful relationships but, can they go on for a long run? No, even in the job sector, a person must reflect the sensitive side too because there should be a cordial and caring relationship among the colleagues. Being sensitive wins the heart of any person who comes in life. It helps to excel by making others feel wanted, and thus the co-ordination between the staves makes the working atmosphere quite sincere. Such an attitude helps in improving the yearly appraisal. In personal life, every relationship stands strong during the test of time due to sensitive nature. One who fails to be understanding and loving is left alone. Thus, a person must work upon two qualities very sincerely to be respectable and worthy in life that is one must be sensible and sensitive too.

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    We should have both sensibility and sensitivity. Sensibility relates to brain and sensitivity relates to heart and emotion.
    We should act by being sensitive but at the same time sensible also. For example urge to rescue a person experiencing electric shock is sensitivity. But not to touch the person or wire with raw hands, but use a dry wood to push the person is acting sensible.

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    A good thread from the author. For one to be successful both sensibility, as well as sensitivity, is required. We should be able to understand how far we should be emotional and where we have to be sensitive enough to that sensibility. Too much of any one of this is dangerous. Going out of the way to help somebody says that you are not sensible. At the same time having a deaf ear for other problems is lack of sensitivity. That is why we hear many times in many personal development shops about EQ and IQ. EQ related to sensitivity and IQ is related to IQ.
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    Venkiteswaran Sir,

    I liked the example of electric shock. You explained my thread with a perfect example, and in a simple manner.

    Dr Rao,

    Yes, there should be a balance between the two sensibilities and sensitivity. One without another is a bad combination because a person remains incomplete, immature and unsuccessful too.


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    A good thought by the author. Doing things mechanically like a robot without any emotions and sensitiveness is not and should not be a riding factor in life. A person should be intelligent, shrewd, logical, and rational but at the same time human relationships require some basic amount of sensitivity in him to have relations with others.
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    I agree with the author who explained the issue quite beautifully. Being sensible and sensitive make the person successful in all walks of life.

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