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    A thing of beauty before you is an only joy forever!

    Yes, you read the thread title correctly, and no need to remind me of the original version. While sitting in a beautiful palace, one need not think of Tajmahal. It would always be better and healthier mentally to enjoy the place where you are. True, any other place or Tajmahal would be more beautiful than the one you are visiting but why to ignore it? Enjoy the beauties and bounties of its surroundings.

    Once a famous Baba was being interviewed by a young charming TV Anchor in a popular TV show. She asked him whom would he rate more beautiful between Sri Devi and Rekha. Baba simply said, "For me, you are more beautiful and charming and just sitting before me." Everyone smiled and clapped for the answer. "We often ignore the beauty before us and crave for those at distant places, it's the human tendency", he added.

    Baba perfectly told in simple words what I intended to explain in the initial lines. In the same way, there may be so many good places of visit in our close proximity but we never put an effort to visit them but always think of far off places as the visit may not materialize immediately. So, be vocal to local always. Because A thing of beauty before you is an only joy forever!

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    A bird in hand is worth two in the bushes. The core meaning of this thread is that only. Why dream of having things which are not in our reach, but enjoy that is available to us. Be satisfied with whatever you have. Don't be greedy to possess something that you may not get it. Enjoy life with whatever you have.
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    I understand the proverb or saying .But I am not fully clear why the 'only' is added in this thread.
    I also understand the message of the thread as whatever is at hand is worth better than what is not at hand. The same is said in other proverbs 'Far away foul have fair feathers', 'Far away cows have fair horns".
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    I agree with the point of appreciating the beauty which is in front of a person as one needs to configure the same deep into our hearts.
    But at the same time I would like to say that thinking about an old beauty or beautiful place isn't something which shouldn't be memorized at the time we are viewing another beauty.
    It's because reminiscing an old beauty reveals how intensely we got connected to that beauty that it has left an everlasting impression on our heart, mind and soul. It also depicts that if we can connect to an old piece of beauty to such a higher extent how much we are going to connect to a piece of beauty right in front of our eyes.
    Reminiscing a past beauty increases our attachment with it hence it appears lovelier than before and John Keats has beautifully quoted this in his poem, 'Endymion' saying
    A thing of beauty is a joy forever, its loveliness increases
    And the same has been depicted beautifully in ' Daffodils' by William Wordsworth.

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    One should not throw the water in the glass out thinking about the water in the clouds. There is no guarantee that clouds will give you water in the form of rain. But you lost what is there in your hands. No one can predict when the rain will come.

    What you have in your plate eat that and enjoy that instead of thinking about the delicious food available at Taj Tristar. you can't get that food or you can't enjoy the food you are having. Your hunger will not get fulfilled. Both ways you are at a loss. This is what I understood from the explanation given by the author.

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    Many times we think big and our mind is focused to some place where our goals are located. But in the cool breeze outside we find that we miss some of the things which are easily available to us. These small things are strewn around us and are important also to us but the problem is that we do not consider them as a remedy to our requirement and only think that once the pandemic subsides, we are safe. So, the point is that before going for any work, a person has to be polite and well mannered otherwise the people would slowly ignore us.
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    The main thread of the post is happiness is the best medicine for our life. Enjoy whatever we have in life and be satisfied with it. Don't go for unexpected rewards and remunerations and it can damage your profile. Always travel on a good path and find always find time to help other people who are backward in life. Try to give more focus to our local areas where more people will be uneducated or do not have any job. Nowadays all of them are going behind awards and pride and they do not have time to find their mistakes which is not good for them. Try to be satisfied with your talents and creative work.
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    We need to be satisfied with what we have and we have to give preferences for our local beauties. This is very much considered by the villagers as they have a fair known as jathre in Kannada. They call all their relatives and pray to the gods known as grama devatha or village God for some people it is kula devatha or God prayed by their family members, the forefathers.
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    I agree with the author. It's like living in the present. When we do not appreciate what lies in front of us and allow our mind to wander in future trying to visualize everything that is far away, we are missing out so much. Why think of something that isn't in front of us? Instead, appreciate every little detail of what lies in front of us.

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    I would consider this thought in a way where I can say that whatever I have achieved and whatever I have in the current situation should be sufficient to make me happy rather than worrying for the coming future or repenting for the past.
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