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    Amazing and Mysterious Phenomena of Plants

    The world is full of amazing things. If we analyse carefully, we can find some surprising features in animals and plants. Some plants show some strange feature by which we can be astonished. Here are some amazing phenomena shown by some plants:

    Crown shyness is a phenomenon in which tree's crown never touches each other and remains separate by a channel like a gap. It is common among trees of same species but can be seen in between different species of plants as well. A possible reason for the development of this shyness behaviour of trees is to avoid regular collision and abrasion of treetops with each other due to heavy wind. They adapted themselves and remain separate from each other.

    We know that bioluminescent is observed in fireflies but a plant named Neonothopanus gardneri also show bio-illumination, and hence also called as Firefox mushrooms or Glow in the dark mushroom. It was first reported in Brazil. The fungus shows bio-illumination due to the presence of a light-emitting chemical substance oxyluciferin in large quantity which emits different colours of light.

    Nyctinastic movement is shown by some sensitive plants and commonly occurs in Mimosa pudica (Touch Me Not plant). Upon touch, this plant closes its leaves which reopen in a few minutes. This is an adaptive activity which occurs in response to any physical stimuli and shows a defence mechanism of the plant.

    A plant named Callicarpa tomentosa of Family Verbenaceae, commonly known as Pandav's Torch or Pandavara Butti gets lighted when a little oil is applied on its leaves. It is named because it is said that it was used by Pandavas during their Vanvas.

    Pachycauly is a peculiar phenomenon in which tree trunks gets swelled due to water storage. This phenomenon s showed by Species of Adansonia. These trees are known as Bottle trees or Baobab tree. These species are very advantageous in the areas of seasonal rainfall and drought.

    Mimetic polymorphism is common in butterflies and other animal species. In this phenomenon, species mimics to other unpalatable species. But a plant Boquila trifoliolata also shows this activity.

    Have you seen any amazing plant? Please share.

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    The thread is an informative one.
    It is our traditional belief that even plants have life and they have emotions and senses and reaction like humans.
    It is traditionally believed that plants will grow well and flower more and better, when we tend them softly and sing melodies and music near them. They have many inbuilt mechanisms to wait for a favourable weather to germinate, flower or bear fruits. It is also seen that plants wither away when you scold them or when sick person handles them.
    There are such beliefs and following of certain traditions in many types of farming communities and certain crops.
    In childhood we get attracted towards plants, and we converse with them pleading, provoking and threatening too.
    Touch-me-not was one plant that attracted us from very early days. Then we had the four-O' clock flower plant, which used to flower by 4 pm or so. There was another one similar ' panhuman poo'-ten O' clock flower.
    The Sun flower which tilts towards sun etc. are all wonders to us as we feel that only human are endowed with intelligence and emotions.

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    This is indeed a very informative thread. Bioluminescence is a very interesting thing. I have read about some substances which absorb light in the day and emit it in the night. They are known as phosphorescent materials. I do not know what is the mechanism of emitting light in plants but I was just thinking whether it is just because some phosphorescent materials are present there or it is altogether some other mechanism in the plant itself. Plants are considered as full of life so they might exhibit peculiar properties which we generally find in the other living beings.
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    This is like a classroom lecture. Full of information and many strange and mysterious facts about some of the peculiar plants. I have not seen such special plants but I have seen the touch-me-not plant in which the leaves fold and retract on touching.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    An informative thread from the author. Among the above, I have seen only the touch-me-not plants. We call it as 'Thoongu Moonji Maram'.

    The Basil (Tulsi) is such a plant that withers away and stops its growth if touched by a mensurating lady of the house.

    In one of my village, there is a tree that flowers only once a year on a particular day. That is the festival day for the deity who is the presiding deity of that village. It blossoms in the morning, and all the flowers would fall by evening. In the next morning, the tree would have not a single flower on it. People pick up the flower and use it as a medicine to cure skin diseases.

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    Whole lots of new information has been made known to us through different kind of plants and for me some plants are new to learn and thanks for the great tutorial.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Good information about the plants which are having some special characteristics. I read about the phenomenon of Nyctinastic movement. We used to have some plants which are having this phenomenon in our school grounds. We used to touch and see how they close down. We call those pant atthipatthi in Telugu. I don't know the botanical name of that plant. We all know about the plants which are phototropic flowers. They will turn their blossoms to face the sun. They are known Sunflowers. I read somewhere that there are almost 24,000 plants in this type.
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    very informative post from the writer. I had only heard of Mimosa pudica (Touch Me Not plant) and everything else is new to me. It is good to read of such rear or informative things that are here but not known to many. We know that there are a variety of plants and animals but knowing about similar plants like animals is a thorough knowledge.
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