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    Blessings of elders pacifies the mind

    Societies have changed, people have changed, generations have changed, centuries have changed, almost everything has changed but the charm of getting blessed by an elder is still the same.
    Talking about past or present, every younger child or brother- sister still bows down in front of his elders. This bowing down may be voluntary or involuntary but the desire to receive a blessing still is always a reflex action of mind.

    After observing many kids I found that a child won't lift his head up, once he bows down in front of his elders, until he is being blessed by the wish he actually wants the person to bless him. And this behavior of a child isn't because he wants everyone to notice his culture or etiquettes rather it's because he still believes that the blessings are always powerful.

    This displays an extremely outstanding belief of our younger generations. The fact is that however intensely the western culture is trying to influence our lives, our Indian culture and its morals AMD etiquettes are still immersed deeply somewhere in our hearts and minds and they always pacify us internally.

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    You raised a thread that reminds me of an incident that happened before a week. After three decades, I could get my good old friend. He is also living in Bengaluru. I could not visit him due to Corona. He has a daughter whom I met when she was just 10. Now she is 45 and is a principal of a reputed institution. She has two teenaged sons, One is doing engineering, and the other in plus 2. Last Wednesday, they spared their time visiting my home. While leaving home, she asked her sons to take blessings from me, and they obliged her. They fell on my feet and I blessed them. She too fell on my feet and sought my blessings. I was pleased to bless them with the words "God bless you"
    This was a great event in my life that my friend's children sought my blessings. Even my own children never fell on my feet to get blessed. I appreciate my friend's daughter and his grandchildren for their good gesture shown to elders.

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    Respecting elders is a great trait in our society and culture and we must preserve it in our lives. Once we respect and honour our elders then we get their blessings which are a great psychological support in our lives wherever we go and live.
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    Certainly the blessings of the elders matters and it not only benefits those who bow their heads in front of their feet but also those who cares them in their thoughts. That is the reason being so those who lost the parents perform the shraadh every year on the designated thithi which is nothing but pleasing the elders and remembering their fond memories. During the Shraadh three generation from the father side and mother side are being invited and prayed for the well being of the present generation. That is the reason being so those who perform the rituals without fail every year are helping their children to grow and achieve faster growth than others education wise and career wise. Some may think this is the foolish content written over here by me but I have experienced it in case of children getting progressed as I am following the rituals strictly.
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    There is always a favourable psychological impact if the elders say - May God bless you but before you get this comment from the seniors, you have to bow down your head to get the blessing. Respecting the seniors would provide you mental solace and the good words spoken by the elders would certainly provide you relief in many ways. This is also a part of Indian - culture to show our respect by touching the feet of seniors. With the progress of time, young generations sometimes feel hesitation in compliance of this culture or it may be they don't have any regard and faith of such activities. However, they should look back our past culture where we find that despite of achieving a high status in the society, they had great regards even for the illiterate seniors and they never hesitate in giving the due regards to their seniors.

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    In our family there is a tradition of paying great respect to the elderly persons. It might be happening in other many families also. What I observed was that our children have seen this thing in the family and now they have also learned those beautiful traits of respecting elders.
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    It is good to get blessings from our elders always. In our family, we always have this habit. If any elder comes to our house or if we go and meet an elder person, we will touch their feet and seek their blessings. When start a new work or when we go for a journey, before starting we will take the blessings of the elders in the house by touching their feet. My 2-year-old granddaughter started doing this after observing her parents when they are touching our feet for our blessings. She will also come and do namaskar if anybody else is doing that. It will become a practice for her. That is why people say children will learn from their elders.
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    There no greater blessing than your parents as they are the people who always want you to prosper. They know your strength and weakness and understands your capacity and capability and would always want you to be the best and get the best. I have a habit of telling my mom about any event like exams, interview, presentation, etc and she would be praying for me the whole day for me to prosper. Her grandchildren also call her and ask her to pray for them and bless them. The blessing of our parents and elders is a protection shield and also a feather that helps us to prosper. In Christians, we normally don't touch the feet of others but we join our hands and bow our heads for a blessing and the elders bless them by placing their hands on their head.
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    The beautiful incidents shared by you all reflect the beautiful culture of getting blessing by elders. It is indeed a wonderful tradition that will be intact for generations.
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    Blessings of elders gives a cofidence that there are wellwishers for us. It gives an invisible energy to carry on. At least this much minimum is there. So there is nothing wrongin bowingto or prostrating before elders. They can pray for us.

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    Bowing in front of elders make us believe in them and their wishes. It is true that blessings are sometimes more powerful than a doctor's tablets especially when the blessings are of our elders. Elders always think and pray for the best of ours. We should pay them due respect by bowing to them.
    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
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