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    To pay or give, online remains ON; to get back it is NO

    Online facilities are convenient in many ways. We had great expectations that service will be fast, better and efficient after services go online.
    It was okay initially. But by and by organisations, most specially those on private sector became aloof islands. Earlier we were able to visit their offices, approach their officials or contact them by phone and e mail. But after things went online we are not able to contact most of these organisations or institutions by phone.

    For any complaint or clarification we have to dial a call centre number. We will be compelled to hear all the jingles and advertisements for about fifteen minutes and by the end the connectivity will be lost. At last, if we get through we get stereotyped pre-recorded voice answers, and after all that if we are lucky to get through to a customer care official, we get very stylish greetings and honey flowing offers. But when we move to real issue, things just change. They will simply ask us to contact some other number which again may not be available. If we persist they will say that their computer or connection is down and ask us to contact later. We have to bang our head only. In case we visit the company's website and click 'contact us' there will not be any slot for complaint or provision to explain our real issue. It will have some drop down menu and we have to just tick and follow another sub menu and click. Most probably that will not be related to our real problem.

    Never ever will you get a chance to talk to any relevant official to personally explain your problem.

    I had many occasions when I had to threaten of exposing them in print and social media, and then only they relent a little. In one case as I could not get a proper channel in their web site or could I get a customer care contact number I had to open a twitter account only for that and place my complaint there. Then it was solved.
    Even certain popular private sector banks are also like that. In relation, public sector is far better. At least after one or two layers of vague answer, we can get to a responsible official who will solve our problem.

    So much so that I have come to a conclusion that when it is something that we have to pay them the connections and reminders and follow up are very good. But if we have to get done, or to get our money back, or get refund, or have some grievance, then it always NO or difficult to get through. It is now easy for fly-by-night companies and business to operate.

    What are your experiences in this regard?

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    Entry is easy with money. Exit with money is tough. It is a sad part of online shopping. Everything from the start of searching for an item; putting into car; the way to the bank; authenticity by OTP; click to pay will be very smooth. Afterward, it will be tough to cancel it, and after receiving the parcel, it won't be easy to return if the items are found defective. To get them returned and get the amount reimbursed would be an Herculian task.

    Easy ON and tough NO.

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    It is a common trend nowadays as we often see when buying online good or services. They have a term that states that the money won't be refunded so it is upto you whether to select or reject. As everything is getting online, they are using it for their purpose as it saves the company or organisation from having a direct interaction with people. It is been seen that the companies are taking customers for granted and as mentioned unless it is made viral on social media, you are not given justification or reply. Every grievance or complaints have a timeframe within which it needs to be solved but as I have worked in a call centre, I have seen that when a complaint is registered by the front desk or office, the back-office guys just close it without even giving a call or rectifying it with weird inputs like - complaint resolved, customer not reachable, etc and the irate customer again gives a call to the call centre and burst out his feeling. The front office people have to listen to everything and sometimes they just mute it as they know what the customer is going through but cannot help. The IT department should come up with a grievance cell where such pending issues can be registered with the complaint number given during the registration of the complaint so that action is taken on the company.
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    I agree with the author and I think this is happening probably because punitive measures are not that strict. Whatever may be the business, it must follow the rules and regulations in place and some authorities should be there to check whether the organizations are complying with the rules. Since it's only us, the customers who are at the receiving end unless and until we are taking some stern measures they do not act. The problem was there earlier too and during this period it has increased a lot. Here I would like to mention my experiences with the service providers of the mobile network. After listening to a lot of music and advertisements ultimately when the representatives receive the call and find the issue a bit complex, they will invariably say that they are facing some technical problems and cannot solve the issue at that moment. I am sure you must have heard an automated voice message before a representative receives a call saying that your call might be recorded for quality and training purpose. I think nobody listens to those recordings otherwise the services could have been far better.

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    The author has very nicely mentioned the limitations of online and how a customer becomes helpless in that situation. These online institutions can exploit the gullible customers due to these hidden aspects.
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    I agree with the author. Online, paying is very easy and it is 24 X 7 always. It is ready to capture the order and money. By mistake if we pay more or if we pay to a wrong party getting that back is difficult and they say it may take 72 hours. Yesterday my son paid for internet connection renewal online. He paid the money online and we have received a communication saying that the transaction failed. Now we don't know where that money has gone? We have contacted the service person of that company and he says it will be known after 72 hours only and we have to wait for 72 hours. After that also there is no surety that we will get our money back.
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    Even I had experienced the fact that for sending money to some one through the online transaction it was easy and they would get the same immediately but if some one sent money to me I would get it late and why ?
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    I agree with the author on online transactions. We need to take care and keep transaction id or relevant number code, timings and the actual amount spent until the bills are settled in case of credit cards. With reference to a bank account, we can get an immediate account balance and the transaction details so as to curtail the possibility of unknown usages.
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