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    Request to edit the entries in New Submissions of Jobs Section

    Dear Webmaster / Lead Editors / Jobs Editors

    Please edit the pending entries laying under the new submissions of the Jobs Section and oblige.

    Entries are pending since 5th July 2020

    Thanking you
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    M.K, the section editors have been requested to do the needful. Please wait for a response.
    “The door to wisdom is knowing yourself." Anonymous

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    REMINDER Please

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    Again, the job posts under New Submissions are pending for editing since 07.07.2020.

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    M.K., we will look into it. There is some delay in taking care of job posts due to different reasons. It may also be noted that today is just the 09th and the pending posts were posted just the day before yesterday.

    Please send us an intimation, preferably via a private mail (PM) when the last date for applying for the job is nearing so that we can look into it out of turn.

    We request you to bear with us for a few days till we get back to the grid.

    Note- Using all caps amounts to shouting which is not at all in good taste and must be avoided.

    “The door to wisdom is knowing yourself." Anonymous

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    Please provide the links of the job posts related to you are pending. Don't plead for others as some of the posts were sent to pending status for the reasons mentioned therein and the authors are not bothered to rectify the error or failure to provide the source of the announcement etc are some reasons for skipping them to take a decision.

    The review is not badly delayed but your concern will be taken care of. But it is requested that the members too should not be haste in posting the jobs without providing proper information and filling the relevant fields.


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