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    Immunity research should be our priority number one

    The world over, immunity is in the news. Those whose immunity is better, are far better than those who do not have it. We had this situation even before. We could see this is normal times. A good number of people would eat the cheapest food sold in mobile vans and small shops. These foods are often cooked with pre-heated oil. The lower middle class and the poor who give them maximum business have developed immunity that the rich and the upper-middle classes do not have. Their physical labor perhaps saved them.

    Be that as it may, COVID-19 has brought into fresh focus, the need for immunity research. Siddha and Ayurveda have been found too effective. However, none of these medicines are actual cures. They have made the patients very healthy after a few days and the same patients are testing negative when the tests are done. We need such medicines to pass through modern clinical trials. Let the allopathy doctors combine with the specialists in Siddha and Ayurveda to research into how immunity develops in human beings. We now need a massive amount of research into such medicines to find out cures as well. That could be the next stage.

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    Immunity is automatic if we take balanced diet, keep hygiene and follow time tested life styles.

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    There are many ayurvedic tonics which will improve the immunity levels of the persons. Aswagandha is the best tonic for improving immunity levels. A balanced diet with proteins is the best to improve the immunity levels and a little exercise is also good for improving the immunity levels. This is the information I had about improving the immunity levels. One should avoid junk food. One should have adequate sleep. Smoking is to be avoided. A lot of work is going on I think in ayurvedic medicine for this purpose. I know one of the best Ayurveda Pharmacies in Andhra Pradesh and they are working on developing the best tonic for this purpose. A combination of Aswagandha and Amla is found to be the best combination for this.
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