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    Are we really patriots in true sense?

    Everyone says that we should have patriotic feelings and sacrifice ourselves for the country and in our lives country is first and foremost and everything else is secondary. It appears impressive to hear that but today I am raising this thread to ask or analyse ourselves that are we really patriots in true sense. Many people think that patriotism is to go on the borders and fight the enemy. Agreed, that is also one sort of patriotism but there are many other things in our society and our lives were we can contribute and become a patriot. For example avoiding corruption and help the authorities to nab the corrupt people is also a form of patriotism. Following a good and honest leader and cooperate and support him for nation's growth is also patriotism. Can you find some other example of patriotism by doing which we can in real terms contribute in the progress of our country?

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    Before patriotism or Desh Bhakti, one should have Home Bhakti, then state Bhakti, Language Bhakti, and Desh Bhakti. We are united as India but divided as states by language. To be a real patriotic, one should forget their language and state, and feel they are Indian first and then the rest.

    All cannot go to our borders to fight for our motherland. The Indian families have sent their representatives to our land borders, to sea and the air. They are made to be patriotic.

    Real patriotism is not to degrade or insult our own country and our leaders by words or deeds. We should be obedient citizens of our country. Support the actions of our country on any issue with other countries. Do not create problem inside our own country. Guide our leaders, motivate our citizens. Have a feeling that 'My country is the Best"

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    When we say patriots in the true sense, it should start from our home. When we are concerned about everything like saving water, electricity, gas, food, clothing, etc, we are indirectly contributing to our country. When we learn and also help others to learn and educate them, we are helping our country. When we buy goods or services and pay it through a proper channel like taking bill so that tax is applied, we are helping our nation. When we work sincerely and see that even others are helped, we are helping our country. Paying taxes(GST, property/land, cess, etc) we are helping our country. When we unfollow people who spread hatred or divide people, we are helping our country. When we vote the right candidate irrespective of caste or religion but based on his work, we are helping our country. When we see any wrong and report to the concern department or person, we are helping the country. When we help people in need during flood, calamity, riots, earthquakes, drought, accidents, etc, we are helping our country. When we come forward and protest against any wrong action, law, bill or corruption, we are helping our country. When we follow the rules and regulations, guidelines or any other announcement from the government or concern authority, we are helping our country. It is not that everyone needs to be at the border or in the government to prove his patriotism but every action that helps our country to develop or progress or be at peace is the way of our patriotism.
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    Not everybody can go on borders and sacrifice their lives for the sake of the motherland. It does not mean that they are not true patriots. Simple things such as keeping your country clean which start from keeping your home and surroundings clean is also patriotism. Do not litter and if you see any, pick it immediately and throw it in the garbage bin. Do not damage public property. Follow rules and regulations everywhere and of course, while driving. Follow the duties listed in the constitution. In short, become a good citizen and whoever is a good citizen of the country is a true patriot.

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    Doing our jobs sincerely and honestly is the biggest patriotism that we can showcase in our country. If all the citizens adhere to the good practices at work and cooperate the Govt then our country would develop fast and progress fast.
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    Do what you have to do and never deceive the country from what it deserves. If you follow that, you are also a patriot I think. Without hiding any of your income. show the full details of your income and pay full tax on that. This is a service to the country. Never encourage people to avoid paying sales tax. Deman bill for whatever you are purchasing. That is also your commitment to the nation's welfare. That is also patriotism.
    As mentioned by the author not encouraging corrupt practices is also good. Giving donations for the welfare of the people who are fighting for the country is also can be considered as patriotism.

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    Patriotism is unstained loyalty to the country we are born, country of ancestry and living and country of citizenship. It is Pride about our ancestry and culture; Pride about our own mother tongue and the other languages of our country. We should have pride and preference o the foods and dress followed in our country. We should love our own countrymen and be interested in their welfare especially when outside our country. While abroad, we should defend our country in words and deeds and hold its flag and name held high always. We should not speak or act in anyway detrimental to our country. If staying in own country wehave to work or the progress of the country and people. This can be direct or indirect by being an honest citizen, taxpayer innovating indienous products etc,etc.

    If we do all these our army will take care of the borders. So, we will not need a debate on patriotism as notonly relating to the borders.
    A conflict comes only when one becomes a citizen of another country after being born in one country or when his parents and ancestors are of another country. In this case the first preference is allegiance to the country where one lives and has the citizenship.

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    Patriotism lies in giving respect to all the
    national symbols.This is the foremost preference by an individual to show patriotism. Second, comes our duties, to be performed by us as an individual, family member. If we are able to serve the community at our abilities, then the acts so done is also patriotism.

    Every individual should show patriotism from where he resides. If everyone serves in the borders then the real need to safeguard does not arise at all.

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    I feel that whichever position we are, we should do our work sincerely and honestly in the interest of the nation and that is the main thing that inculcates patriotism.
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    All of them will have different opinions on this, we must be patriotic to our country and its symbols. When some problems emerge in our border area we must give our ear for understanding the problem and must stand with that situation. Most of them will not have knowledge to understand the inner boundaries of politics and will take time to adjust. Our patriotism lies in our hands and everyone must protect it from unwanted situations.
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