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    China goes back from border on seeing surging support for India

    The stand off between India and China at Galwan valley ended on good note as both side troops disengaged from the spots which were the face off sites and moved away two kilo meters and thus paving way for peace in the region. All this could be possible with stern warning from PM Modi to China to stop its existentialism and huge support India got from super countries like US, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Indonesia, Australia and many countries ready to support in future and this proves PM Modi's foreign diplomacy he was nurturing during his various visits to those countries and the benefit being paid off now and those who were criticizing for his foreign jaunts are now gone sulking and silent.

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    India is a peace-loving country. A country that would help others. If China wanted some of our territories on request, we would have given it to them happily. But if it wants to grab anything by force, we won't tolerate it. Now, the Chinese know the might of India under able leadership. The world nations have prepared to put down the economy of China by boycotting Chinese products. This has created fear in the minds of Chinese leaders. Also, Modi's visit to the borders and the stern warning without mentioning China has also made them to think before getting into any conflict. I hope peace will prevail in our borders.
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    Can we say that Our PMs foreign diplomacy is the only reason for super countries like US, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Indonesia, Australia and many countries supporting India in the border issues? Every President/PM/officials visit other countries to improve their mutual understanding, friendship, trade, investments, etc and that is what benefits the country. We too have been supporting other countries when such issues arise and they need support and that is just because we want peace in the world. India is a giant in consumption and every country knows it that we import many things from other countries and even love peace and harmony in our country. From the start, India has never gone for "Tit for Tat" but always encouraged peace and friendship. Be it our arch-rival Pakistan or now China and we have put forward our concern in front of everyone and when they understand that we are right, they will support us. Let us not look at only one focal point or make it a political issue but instead a country one that we all are affected. China going back and even India back-off shows that we want peace to prevail.
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    China is a shrewd expansionist nation and we should not believe what they do many times just apparently to strike back soon. They are not reliable and would do anything to grab the land of other countries.
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    Wars are to be stopped so that there will not be deaths and huge loss of money. The people at the top in the government should work with the opposition country and other friendly countries that we will not go for war without compromising on the interests of the motherland. That way our Prime Minister Modi did a good job and the other ministers supported him and we are able to get the support of many other countries. That has given very good confidence and morale boost to our country and it's military forces. Now China has gone back and both the military force moved away from the LOC. This a good development and now the government can concentrate on Virus problem.
    But China is never a reliable country and it may not hesitate to deceive us. So we should be alert and careful and should be ready to give a reply in a strong way to that country. Hope our military forces will be alert 24 X 7 will be ready to face the consequences.

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    In this matter it is better to leave things to the hands of expert and diplomats. None of us know the ground realities and facts of the matter. We should not theorise and make matters more complicated. We should not fall victims to the propaganda of vested and inimical interests.
    We have to show that we are solidly behind our government in whatever action and reaction it takes. We should desist criticising the government at this juncture and never utter anything that can demoralise our army at the borders. Right or wrong, now we should support the government wholeheartedly. We should comply with whatever the government asks us for national security. That is what we can show to the world as well as give confidence to the government to take strong and relevant actions.
    We can defer our criticism and debate to a later peaceful time.

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    Chinese are experts in doing their homework well and can surprise the neighbouring countries anytime. They will advance, they will retreat and they will do it many times even for getting a one feet land. The Tibetan capture by Chinese was a mastermind work done diplomatically and then aggressively dominating the local tribes. Our policies are cordial and non-aggressive and we also suffer due to that many times. Let us see what is their next move.
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