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    There is no day more remarkable than the day we were born

    Today, I am so fortunate to interact with my virtual friends in ISC. I am fortunate to have a family and enjoy the best things in life. I am fortunate to be alive and I am fortunate to be born. Friends, can there be any other day more remarkable than the day we were born? Think of the day you were born. It was a special day for sure. Thanks to that day, our progeny in future will be able to see the light of day. Is not the day we were born so remarkable; remarkable than every other day? So never forget to celebrate that day, friends.

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    True. No day can be a remarkable day other than our Birthday. It is the first day of our life on earth. It is the day recorded and accounted for. Earlier, DOB was not important. They accounted for their age, not the day of birth. Nowadays, DOB has its importance. Anywhere and everywhere, we need to produce our DOB. We may or may not celebrate our Birthday, but we need to record it in our mind. DOB is very essential for life. Birthday is a starting point to calculate our age.

    When I worked on a project to make a family tree of my own family, and when I enquired about the DOB of many old members, they were not able to tell their Birthday. Even they did not have any clue about their MOB and YOB. Finally, I had to give them a dummy date of birth for the sake of records. This they have used for procuring their Aadhar Cards which has become the proof of their DOB.

    Let us celebrate our birthday, but let us not waste money on birthdays. Let us celebrate our birthdays in such a way that it is a memorable event that benefits someone.

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    Birth day is the most important day in our life. Our life starts from that point only. We have been given a name accordingly after our birth and whether we believe in horoscope or not that time is our base time data in this world. Our age is counted from that point only.
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    True. Birthday is really a special day. It is true for everybody. Our life will get initiated on the day of our birth and our journey will continue from that day. That is why many people say one should never stop celebrating their birthday. One should be happy on that day and we should do some good deeds like donating to poor and needy. Many of us will have the habit of wearing new clothes on that day. I visit a temple definitely on my birthday and thank God for giving me a beautiful life and a good family. I will donate money to at least 5 people on that for their meal for that day. Otherwise, I will get 5 food packets and distribute them to the beggars near the temple.
    No other day is as remarkable as our birthday, I agree. After that our marriage day is important. Another milestone in our lives and life will take a turn. We should celebrate this day with our spouse.

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    It is for our parents that our birth gave the most happy moment and day of their lives. Our birth and hence our birthday is valuable treasures to our parents, grandparents and siblings and other close relatives. For some years our birthday will be significant to our children too.
    For us it is just a fait accompli and which we cannot change nor had we any choice or involvement. We come to know about our birth day many years after our birth. By our own we do not know anything about our birth.
    So in my personal view our birthday is not something remarkable to me. There are many other days and dates which are significant to me. I generally do not celebrate my birthdays. Date of birth in each year just reminds me that I am one more year old.
    For our friends and contacts in FB, etc it is a date that they can send the sincere or stereotyped greetings. For others it is a date they can expect some treat.

    But if we have done something significant to be remembered by others then our birthday is something to be remembered for others even after our death. That is why we all remember the birthdays of Mahatma Gandhiji, Sri Budha, Ambedkar, Jesus, and Lord Krishna etc.

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    Can we say that our birthday is the most remarkable day or the day when the fetus was formed in the womb? As mentioned by Venkiteswaran(#702591), our birthday is valuable treasures to our parents, grandparents and siblings and other close relatives. In the same way, when we get married and become a parent, their birthday is more valuable treasures to us as parents. Our remarkable day may keep on changing as passing our board exam was remarkable, getting a good job was remarkable, getting our first salary, buying a new house, vehicle, getting married and above all becoming a parent. Now, when we go through the meaning, every other thing is only possible if we are born, so it is right to say that "There is no day more remarkable, other than the day we were born." We need to celebrate our birthday as that is what gave us the other joys and a life that we live.
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    Yes very correct Varghese, you have hit the bull's eye. No other thing would have been possible, had we never be born. That we are writing this post today, have kids and in future will have grandsons and daughters too, is all due to one and only one reason that we were born. So the day we were born is simply the most remarkable, unparalleled by any other day. There can't be any two things about it.
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