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    Do not blindly follow the path chosen by everyone

    Many a time we do things as everyone around us is doing the same. We have been taught the same right from childhood. Consequently, we do not dare to think, speak or act differently. It has become our belief that if everyone is doing it in the world, it means that everything is right. We not even for a second give it a second thought and dare not to do it. First of all, if something is right for someone else does not mean it has to be right for me. The reason is that we all are different. Secondly, if it is common does not mean it is correct.

    We blindly follow everyone around us. Most of the times we are scared to make different decisions and follow our path. We need to follow the path which we are comfortable to walk at and which is based on the principles and values which we feel are right. However, most of us cannot dare to take that decision and blindly follow the path which others are walking. The reason is unacceptance of everyone. We all wish to be well accepted and never criticized, and thus, we consequently end up making decisions which are welcomed by everyone.

    We need to understand that everyone around us is following everyone around. Thus, do not accept that wrongdoing or get emotional about it. We need to make logical decisions and do not blindly believe that common is always right.

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    Many of us blindly copy the ways of other people and do it whether it helps us or not. I think doing blind copy is a disastrous thing. It would not give us the desired result which we can otherwise get through our own individual original efforts.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    We follow Google maps these days to know the shortest and fastest route. So Google is deciding our path. We don't know whether others or following it or not. We will follow.

    People want to reach their destination as fast as possible with the least difficulties. That is why they try to follow others. But they never think that there are much more easy ways which we can try and find out.

    In making a dish in our house if we follow the exact procedure shown in the video we may not get the tasty food. You have to do modifications based on your personal likings and dislikings.

    As mentioned by the author the method of doing a task will depend on the conditions prevailing also. So if a person living in cold areas where a thick cloth, if the people try to follow the same fashion in the places where it is very hot, it will become very difficult. So decide the way on our own taking into account all the factors and their position in the place where you are undertaking the work. Then only you will be comfortable and can achieve the goals.

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    "Don't follow others' path; you don't know what their journey is".
    This is very clear. In life every one's destinations and goals and aims are different. So, one cannot achieve his own goals by following some other person's path. Following some other's path is easy and less risky. But then you cannot find anything new. You have to find and take your own path. God has made us separate and unique. He has given us certain abilties and certain limitations. The conditions and environment we have around us may not be what another person has. Hence we should fns, make and clear our own path and tread on that. We have to live our own life, not another's.

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