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    Do you agree or disagree-Fear is a good attribute for an individual?

    Fear is an emotion of humans and some animals. This emotion gets exhibited in response to a stimulus of present threat or imagination or expectation of future threats. I have gone through various proverbs on fear on the net, I found almost all proverbs talk negatively about this emotion. Scientifically speaking this emotion is necessary for humans and animals to avoid and overcome dangerous situations in life. For example, recently initially when a strict lockdown was imposed in the country due to Coronavirus pandemic, everyone got feared and followed the instructions of the government perfectly. But the government talked about relaxation, now most of the people moving carelessly and fearlessly to spread the virus. Even a small child doesn't listen to the parents or teacher if they don't fear him in one way or the other. Similarly, if there is no fear in God, the little goodness what we are seeing at present may not be seen in this world. So fear is good and it can do some good for humans. Fearlessness in an individual leads to indiscipline, carelessness, authoritativeness, etc.

    What are your experience and observations with the emotion fear? Do you think fear is an important attribute that every individual must possess? How much percentage did you vote for fear or fearlessness?

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    In my opinion, Fear is not a good attribute. I would say Avoid is a good attribute. When you know something is dangerous or abnormal, don't fear, but avoid it. As of now, we are not fearing corona, We are trying to avoid corona by taking safety precautions.
    Someone would say that we should fear God. Why? Why fear God? Love God.
    We should have physical courage and moral courage, and keep away the fear.

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    I do not think that fear is of any good. It is a negative trait. Many people confuse fear with discipline. For example, kids should be disciplined in schools and homes but that does not mean they should fear their teachers and parents. They should be taught the importance of education and what they are going to miss if they do not study the subjects. They will automatically discipline themselves and concentrate on their studies. Instead of that, teachers and parents opt to punish their kids either verbally or physically. They feel that punishment will discipline them.

    Fear is inculcated in little kids right from childhood. It becomes a part of their belief. From this, they learn that to get the work done, they have to instil fear in others. They practice the same when they grow up. I am seriously not in favour of fear. I always liked teachers with whom I could openly discuss the subjects and not those teachers who always scared the whole class in the name of discipline.

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    Fear may be a good attribute or a bad one, it should be there otherwise people would become highly indisciplined. Even in our house if the children are not afraid of us they would not obey us.
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    In Offices, if fear from higher authorities is there and if they fear that they may be caught redhandidly by checking squad then only the officers restrained from doing corrupt practices. In some muslim countries, there will be corporal punishments or offenders will be hanged in public for their offences where we find the percentage of offence is less. Is it not due to fear factor?

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    Fear is good in certain cases. When a person is sick he should have a fear that he may die and then only he will follow the instructions of the doctor carefully. If the doctor says no problem, you will be alright but don't eat food today, the patient will hear the first few words and never care for the last words. He will eat whatever he wants. If the doctor says you will be alright if you take these medicines and if you don't eat for a day today, otherwise it will be difficult, then the patient will have fear and stop eating.
    But fear generally makes a person weak and it will demotivate. So we should not have fear. But we should no hazards involved in any system and we should take care of those hazards. There is a proverb in Telugu. It says that if you are careful you need not have fear. That is true. We should be careful always but we should not be fearful at any time. If there is a problem if you have fear and don't approach it, you will be a failure. But take care of the problems and attempt the work, you will be successful

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    Fear of retribution, fear of punishment, fear of a disease affecting if precaution not taken etc are all fears for the benefit of individual and society. They function as deterrents of preventing some wrong doings.

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