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    If the road never ends, the drive becomes exciting

    You are driving your car and suddenly found that the road ended somewhere. Then again you will have to turn your car back and start driving in through the same lane to find a new one. Nowadays, thanks to Google Map, the chances of driving through a blind alley are very less but still, there are a lot of such lanes. Nobody will take such lanes for sure but if you consider life as a journey at times you may be driving through such a lane. You may not choose the path always, but if you choose a path choose the one that doesn't end. Many times, we tend to think that after doing such and such things we should be relieved and we will stop doing things further. That means after reaching a goal you may think that it's enough and you should not move further and you should sit and relax. This will not be good for you though you may think that you are less burdened. You are not burdened earlier too and if you consider your goal a burden that means you never enjoyed your journey to reach the goal. When you set a goal also think what you will do after reaching your goal. If your goal is just to climb the rooftop you will end up looking at the sky full of stars. You also have to think about what you will do after reaching the rooftop. Otherwise, you will lose all your excitement if the road ends just after reaching the rooftop.

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    In reality life is always like that only. Every life will have some twists, turns, Up's and downs, struggles, challenges, sweet memories, etc. So till death every individual faces these challenges and like the author mentioned the road never end with these experiences. Of course, in each individual they may experience different proportions of these challenges.

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    Our journey in this life is like driving on an unknown path that may have turns, blinds, narrow roads, blocks, bumpers, fast lane, etc and we need to know to find our path once such circumstances arrive. As in driving, we can use the latest technology of google map but in real life, there is no map or program, it will just take you without even giving you a hint or a chance to think. We need to take or face life as it comes and try our best to enjoy the journey. Some journey may be good, some horrifying, some full of sadness, some of the joy, some crazy, some a lesson, some bitter, some may lead to success. It is upto the person how he handles or drive his vehicle and not everyone is fortunate to get a second chance or the chance to take a u-turn. It is like the song of John Denver "Country roads, take me home, to the place I belong, the radio reminds me of my home far away, Drivin' down the road, I get a feelin', that I should've been home."
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    I would differ from the author. A journey is undertaken with the specific purpose of visiting a place or destination and that means the road is known to us and not never ending issue. Therefore the destination comes with designated time based on the road we chose.
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    A road that never ends is a racing track in round. You can go on round and round. The road may not end , but at some time you have to end the driving.

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    In our life as long as we are on this earth, our road never ends and we should go on driving only. Once the time is over the road will be there but you will not be there. We don't how much time we have for driving. We should be driving this without knowing our destination. Maybe a round path as mentioned by Venkiteswaran. This is life.
    In real life also if you don't know your goal you don't know which direction you have to go and where you have to stop. So you should have a target and you should reach there and then you can think of your next move.

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    I would like to deviate from this driving on the road. For me, the life journey is not on driving on roads but sailing at sea. We can choose our route in the wide-open sea. We can adjust to left or right and move forward. There is no end. To use the sea route, we need a map to draw our route and sail in that direction without any obstruction. But we may experience difficulties like rough weather with strong wind and high waves.

    We need to plan our move. We need to draw a route that we should follow. We need to look at the shallow water and rock projections to select our route.

    Sailing is easier than driving.

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    Indeed, we always tend to choose paths where our comfort lies in it. We do not take any unexpected lane, rather we always focus on our save lane. This is true for all kind of people and the person who takes unexpected lane and risk wins the journey and such persons will be successful in life. In different organizations, we can find that when one person finds a top post, he either sit or relax in the office with beautiful perks and salary. Other people always fight for their positions and always take time to update in the career profile. Such people will have unexpected twists and turns and they find a beautiful lane where no one comes into it. Always find time to update our skills and don't focus much on our earned degrees, because all the degrees which we earn for our namesake and it cannot do anything for your life. A man who is successful does not ask for his degree rather people will congratulate him how he tackled the biggest hurdle path. Always try to take the unexpected lane and turns and it can be successful in our life.
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    Drive has a desire and goal to achieve. We have a desire to see Taj Mahal, for example, then our journey ends at it. It may be by car, train or flight.
    We reach so many goals to move ahead in our lives. Goals are similar to the main roads and desires are the crossroads where we stop often, then move ahead.

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    K Mohan Sir @#702543, I agree that one undertakes a journey being aware of the destination. But after reaching the destination would you like to stop or explore further? If you stop and do not explore further, it will not be exciting anymore, though occasionally you need to stop for taking some rest.

    Venkiteswaran Sir @#702583, suppose the never-ending road is not a racing track and a path on your journey, in that case, I am sure you will be enjoying the ride to find out where the road really ends. In between, you may stop for some rest but after that, the journey continues.


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