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    Never wait till everything is alright

    If we stand on the seashore and wait for the waves to stop so that we can have our bath, we can't have a bath forever. The sea will be always having waves. You have to learn how to complete your bath even when there are waves.

    In the same way, if we wait for a perfect time to start work, we can't start that work at all. An Ideal condition will never come to start any work. We should assess the existing conditions and we should learn to work in the prevailing conditions and we should turn out to be successful. So let us start working.

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    A good thought by the author. I also think on same lines that what for we should wait. For a favourable time? That would never come. Situation might become more adverse then the present one and then what we would do? It is better to start in time for any activity.
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    For completing a task, sometimes we may have favorable factors or we may have unfavorable factors. In favorable conditions we can accomplish the work easily but otherwise we have to work hard. We cannot estimate when favorable conditions come and if we waste time like that we have to face some other problems which are harder than at the beginning. So time and tide never wait for anybody. It is always better to start work as early as possible.

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    We cannot wait for the ideal and favourable conditions to set in and then act. That may never happen. The real life situations are mixed. They may be some favourable to us, some unfavourable to us. Nothing will be given to us easily and ready o a platter. We have to work for them. In that we cannot wait till everything becomes good and fine for us. We may have to act straight fighting the odds and managing all conditions and make them favour to us . We cannot be over timid or lazy, but be bold, face odds and work towards our goal.

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    We often wait for the ideal situation when everything will be alright so that we can make a start. Though it is not good but we have a fear of failing or falling that we make us wait for everything to fall in its place. We will wait for the rain to stop, water to drain, sun to set, market to rise, health to get better, vehicle to go while crossing, etc but we never realise that some things keep on popping in life and we need to learn to go with the wind which will help us to gain confidence and handle the situation. There is no ideal or correct timing as many say or many who believe in astrology. In cities, we stay in the same building as others and many don't even consult and Vastu shastra or others to know about facing of their door, windows, kitchen as everyone needs to adjust to the place available. Let us learn to make use of the present situation instead of waiting until everything is alright to reach success.
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