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    Our young entrepreneurs and innovators can do it

    Indian brains are working everywhere - in US, in Canada, in Australia and many other countries. I read somewhere that Indians have a good reputation outside as they are laborious and hard working. Now there is a drive to make our own mobile applications and avoid the Chinese applications. In this matter, I want to mention that we have many good young entrepreneurs and innovative people in our country who can make better and proficient apps if given an opportunity and infrastructure to do that. If the Govt or some private companies encourage and persuade these young people, we can do anything like that. In the beginning some teething troubles would be there but we can finally do it. What do you think about this?

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    True. India is a country where there are many young engineers and scientists who can deliver goods. Our people are there everywhere in the world and many of them are doing wonders there. So if we can provide the necessary infrastructure and facilities definitely they will come out with flying colours. There are people who have the required knowledge but don't have the necessary finances to start on their own. So if they can get some support, they will do an excellent job. Let us hope that our people will rise to the occasion and do wonderful work.
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    No doubt. We Indians are very good in copy-paste activities. We are capable of copying any technology. That's the reason why we have many fake and duplicate things that are sold in the markets. At this juncture of saying goodbye to Chinese goods, it is time for us to make such goods in India. With the support of our government, we will make everything in India, and improve our economy. What is essentially required is - funding.
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    Indian software engineers are the best and even the Google head Sundar Pitchai gone on record regarding this when US wants to stop immigration from other countries. And with the advent of banned Chinese apps, some 100 top think tank of the software professionals are grouping together bringing in a wonderful app for India which may beat even the Chinese apps. At presently it is in testing stage and soon would be made public. Indians are best in creating animation, movie software and now the one which should be superior than the enemy country. Let us wait for the new software app which may be out sooner or later.
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    Today I found that one Indian app 'elyments' is already in use for social media and it can replace WhatsApp if people choose it for their social networking. There are about 10 lakhs downloads so far. It is available in Google Play Store.
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    As per the Govt data there are more than 30 lakhs NGOs in our country. Then there are a large number of small enterprises which are also in the nature of NGOs but they are engaged in innovation and creating business from new ideas. Unfortunately only a handful of them are getting success as the transformation from idea to business establishment is a tedious and tough process. This area is known as innovative entrepreneurship and as per my study there are so many talented qualified youths engaged in them as they are not getting the regular high profile jobs or Govt jobs or other better jobs. This is the section of the workforce which can do anything if they are given infrastructure and moral support by the Govt or some rich private companies which in turn can benefit immensely from their innovations.
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