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    Public schools are better than private schools.

    There is a lot of difference between private and public schools. There are often debates on which one is better. For parents, it becomes indispensable to understand the genuine difference between the duo. The government runs a public school, and they fund them. Public schools also need to incorporate the rules and regulations set by them.

    On the other hand, private schools are a completely different entity. They run on their rules and regulations. Private schools impose tuition fees and don't accept any funds from the government. Now, the question is, can we compare these? Can we compare those together? And this has become a debatable question. Private schools claim that the students received better education and facilities than any other school. Some parents feel that students have a better-rounded, scholastically in public schools. A public school is open to different kinds of multifariousness that have made them better.
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    Yesterday there was a thread from the author regarding the Privatisation of Education.
    Education should be privatized.
    If public schools are better than private schools why education should be privatised?
    If Education is privatised where will be these Public schools? Only Corporate schools will be there.
    Public schools are good and they impart better education to the students. I agree with that. Public schools are having good facilities and should get benefitted if they utilise the facilities available there properly. There are good private schools but there the fees are very heavy and only some rich students can only afford a seat there. Whereas public schools will not have fees very high and there are some scholarships also for good students.

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    Private schools have huge strength, provide students with all facilities but the fees cannot be bared by all class of people. In public schools, only a few schools have the infrastructure and the best facilities. There are very few teachers but still, these students are given individual concentration.
    It is parents choice to choose private or public schools.

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