Homeschooling is better than traditional schooling.

Homeschooling is not a new idea; it's going on since our old education times, and now, it is again getting popular. Some families choose to go to home-based education as it is not reliant on any public or society resources for their children's schooling. Education is a vital aspect of every children's life; therefore, homeschooling is a very personal choice and, above all, societal implications. It needs commitment, hard work, and persistence to raise homeschooled children. At home education, the curriculum can be customizable as per the child's needs, abilities, and personality.

It enables parents to understand their kid's strengths and weaknesses.
Weak areas can be easily recognized, and continuous practice can improve them. Quality of education can be better in homeschooling then other modes of schooling.
Developing family and social values in the initial years of learning aids the child with a strong basis for life.