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    Fast food should be banned in schools.

    When we talk about children's health and diet, the primary thing we want to ban is fast food. Fast food is harmful to children as it makes them obese. A school is a place where children develop their habits, and eating is one of the primary practices. Schools should take responsibility for teaching healthy eating habits to the kids rather than promoting junk food items in the canteen. We all are aware that junk food makes us fat and not only this, studies have shown that in the past 1o years, the obesity rate has got doubled among kids.
    Therefore, schools should take appropriate steps to create healthy eating habits and ban junk food. They should even conduct workshops that promote the benefits of eating healthy food.
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    Most of the schools in rural areas do not have a canteen facility at all. This situation arises mainly in city limits where children are used to junk food eating habits from friends. Even though parents and teachers encourage healthy food habits, still it is subdued. Presently for the past three months, junk food has lost its way through pandemic.
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    Lockdown has reduced the fast food habit as it was not available during the pandemic. Which is a good thing for one's health and wealth too.

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    Why only in schools? It should be banned everywhere. Even elders also should not eat these fast foods. When children see elders eating fast foods they will also go for that food only. When you are eating you can't tell your kids not to eat. As mentioned by the author eating junk food and fast foods has come down due to COVD 19. Nobody is opting to eat outside to the maximum possible extent. They are trying to eat in the house only. That is a good sign and we should continue the same habit even after normalcy comes back in the country. But I doubt very much. Already some people started eating roadside food.
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    Junk food can not be banned from everywhere as some people totally depend on these roadside and junk food they don't cook at home. If someone want to teach there children not to eat junk foods then first they themselves stop eating junk foods.

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    Such a habit of taking junk foods can be discouraged with the active involvements of the parents highlighting the adverse effects of such junk foods. There should not be any hesitation from the parental side in providing the kids details of the side effects of Pizzas, Burgers, Pistas, Noodles etc. Regular usage of such fast foods would make them obese, lethargic and later the kids May contract the life style diseases.
    With such an input, their attitudes can be curbed to a larger extent. Similarly taking Pohas, Idlis, Phulkas all made from homes contain the essential nutrients to support our metabolism. Even the parents should desist from such fast foods so as to have better impacts on the minds of the kids.

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    I do not think our students are eating fast food or junk food. It is only in cities where such fast food stalls are available near the schools and colleges. Most parents, don't prepare lunch for their children. They give pocket money for their lunch. Fast food is the easily available quick food to stand, eat and wash. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure their children don't eat junk food.

    If the lazy parents themselves go to fast food stalls and take their lunch or dinner, how to check their children taking junk food from the fast-food stalls? The world is moving fast with fast-food culture. We cannot stop it easily.

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    Yes sheo, if the parents discourage their children from eating junk food and tell them about the harms of junk food that can help them to reduce the use of junk food.

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    Sun, it is because in cities both the parents of some students are working and they don't get much time to prepare lunch for their children due to which those students have to go for fast food.

    I agree with you that it cannot be stopped but its use can be reduced to an extent.

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