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    Package money-a long awaiting financial aid

    At this time of crisis in the country, most of them have become jobless and are waiting for the financial aid from Central and State governmnents.

    The Central government managed to stand by its words on aiding the citizens with basic necessities through ration card, Jan Dhan, Ujwala scheme, Kissan Samman Yojana. It had the data ready to dispose of the package, ao as to reach to grassroots levels.

    A few State governments did not have any future plans of such schemes in the earlier years hence there is a long-awaited delay. When people are actually in need of money, it is not reaching them.

    How far can you analyse this situation? comment

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    Our member Mr ABSivakumar have posted a thread Creating an institutional infrastructure for small loans which talks about taking the help of local self-help groups and bringing locals, small traders, etc under one single umbrella with the help of co-operative societies and urban cooperative banks that can help is distributing the financial aid through various government schemes like through ration card, Jan Dhan, Ujwala scheme, Kissan Samman Yojanato the grassroots levels. It is not an easy task for any government to reach every local area and thus the local groups and co-operative societies can elect their office-bearers through institutional framework so that everyone in need gets the financial aid or help that is much awaited due to the pandemic.
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    In this federal set up the central govt coming with so many reach out scheme for every section of the people but the states are putting their name tag and misusing the same for other sections. This allegation is always there when you open up any discussions during the center -state fund disbursement. For example many does not receive the rupees fifteen hundred promise given by the PM during the pandemic for two months. And the state government through the social welfare department has diverted the funds for the migration workers and their transport and thus genuine people failed to get even today.
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    What Mohan said is exactly correct. The funds given by the Central government through respective State government is not reaching the people who need them. They are diverting that funds to some other account. This should be stopped. What I feel is the Central government should give benefits to the people directly instead of going through State government.
    Instead of going my the ration cards, it is better to see those small employees who are getting very low salaries and are not having any salaries during this period should also be given some help. That will them. Many of them are struggling a lot and searching for a new job or for financial help.

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    It is a huge task to disburse money to the people who are in need and various state and of course the central government is working in that direction. For all these schemes to function successfully, a proper database has to be maintained. For the creation of this database both centre and the state governments have to work together. I think states not having the proper database is taking a lot of time to disburse money to people though corruption is also one of the reasons. There is corruption at every level and since the election is nearby the political parties are trying to play their cards. This is not desirable in the present situation and all we can hope is that those who need the money must get it without any further delay.

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    The State Governments are not making proper database on how much people needed the required amount. The central government has already given the amount and the respective governments must make an action plan for maintaining it for correct people. There are many loans which will be helpful for the development of poor people. Only Ration through card has been done by the state governments and it has to be changed. The people must get their amount which is deserving for people who are not having any job or income to lead life.
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    Preparing a database is not possible within a few days, the system should be such that, from the initial days itself the data should be accumulated. Pandemic has taught us a lesson that this is the right time to start building such new strategies for the future.
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    It is a daydream to get the benefits announced by the Central Government. The ration card holders are getting their free ration through the ration shops. Initially, they were paying some sum to the ration cardholders. But the center aid has not reached the ration cardholder. We have many migrated workers who don't have any ration card or any other document to prove their identity and get the benefit. There are many crop-eating fences in our country.

    It would be very difficult to ensure the distribution of benefits announced by the government. We do not have any system to ensure 100 percent of delivery to the needy. Politicians, bureaucrats and bankers are having their days in our country.

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    The problem with some of the states in our country is that they are not in sync with the centre and feel that they are supreme in their working and decisions and can do whatever they like. When they are not able to manage funds due to their own shortcomings and deficiencies then they will cry and ask milk from the mother. Then mother would be busy with other important works and not listen to the child and child would start weeping loudly to get public sympathy.
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    @ Neeru Bhatt
    Managing funds has become a relay race in the hands of politicians as they are not service minded.

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