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    Funny hooting statements or dialogues we used

    I was checking my school days photographs yesterday and my son stopped me at a photo of mine holding a big trophy. I was a district-level hockey player and that trophy was for winning the finals. When he got to know about this, my game was none of his interest and what he asked was, "Your friends were also hooting for you during the game?" I went down to the memory lane. We were having a blue uniform and our university girls were hooting "Blue- Blue God Bless You". The opponent team was having a yellow uniform and hooting dialogue for them from our girls was "Yellow Yellow, Dirty Fellow". The memories are still fresh and I still remember the cheerful faces of our friends when we won the match. During this lockdown, such memories help to fight the boredom. So, go and clean the dust of your memories and share such instances you had during your school days.

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    That is the beauty of albums. When we have some time if we open our old photo albums we will get a lot of memories into our mind. 4 days back I received a call from one friend of mine during intermediate. I really surprised to receive that call. I asked him how come he got my phone number. He told me that he was seeing a photo of our intermediate and he remembered. We have a common friend who is in touch with both of us. He got my phone number from him and contacted me. A very nice and happy event. When we are in school or college, we have no responsibilities except our studies, games and friends. So whenever we think or memorise those days we will feel very happy and forget then present problems.
    But these days there are no albums. Only phones and photos are also stored in that. Good photos are to be separated and should be stored in our computer or external hard disc or on a flash drive. Whenever we have some time we can open those files on our laptop and see them.

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    Recently when I go through my old photos I got two photos related to my Biological tour in PG. We went to Visakhapatnam and Kakinada for this tour. We had a great time at those two places. In Vizag Sea we collected a lot of zoological specimens and variety of algae. We visited Marine Aqua culture center. In Kakinada sea also we collected many Zoological specimens. For entertainment we went two movies Aakali Rajyam acted by Kamal Hassan and Jaws English movie. When I look at my photos I am so lean at that time but now I became so stout. When we go through our old albums all our old memories come infront of us like in a movie.

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    These are things which we cherish after our marriage life. When we go through our old albums, it gives our mind energy and enthusiastic to lead our life during this lockdown period. When we participate and win in any youth festival or sports and our son or daughter finds out the album, then it gives a moment of joy and as well as proud to be their mother. During my school days, I was also a good cricket player and we were playing sports in different schools and has won the prize through inter-district competition. I hope such memories gives us the energy to fight for our life.
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    After reading this post my mind went back to my school days when we used to cheer our school football team in the annual district football tournament. There were many teams participating in that and the tournament went for at least 20-25 days. Our team was GIC team. There were others like DSB team, MIC team, Aazaad team, Village team etc. We used to go to see the matches and whenever our team played we used to assemble at one place and used to hoot GIC buck up, GIC buck up and so on. It was great fun and if our team won, we used to run inside the field and embraced our team players.
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    Digging into our old albums while dusting them during our leisure, is a pleasurable pastime. It will bin several nostalgic memories. Our children will find it more engaging and will be asking us a lot of questions and clarifications. Sometimes we may cut sorry figure, but otherwise will fall into storytelling with some exaggeration also. Now that everything is stored in cloud, there may not be a need to dust them, but have to consciously retrieve and view them.

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    One of our teammate who was with us in the football team that represented Mumbai in the district level posted our picture after winning the finals with the trophy and everyone looking tired but happy. I liked the photo and posted it as my status on Whatsapp. Many of my friends and family members saw it and was guessing Me in the picture. Many commented that you have changed but your hair and look is the same. Many of the teammates gave a thumbs-up and went back to the golden days. I just looked again and was naming them but few names, I could not remember. The days that we played together for years and now, I don't even remember their names was what made me think. This is what we call life. We keep on changing place and meet many in the journey, some are in constant touch, some just a guest and some a past. Life moves on and many new joins in the process. The memories are the only gift that we cherish and carry with us in the form of photos, videos or cut-outs. There were many slogans that we shouted during our time, few are D-D-D_D_D_-Assisi, Sabse aage ladke Kaun - Francis...Francis, etc.
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