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    Guided Meditation Apps or Self Meditation what is your choice?

    In this era of high tide of physical and mental stress many of us have started "Meditation" as an daily routine. Some of us who have learned and regular in "Yoga" practice, perform meditation as an regular practice. As they have already know how to prepare there base for meditative stage, it is not at all difficult for a yoga practitioner to meditate with self instructions or to meditate in a thoughtless state just by concentrating on the breath.

    But for a layman it is quite difficult to meditate without any support or guidance. Such people can take help of "Meditation Apps". In these apps, one can find soothing music for mediation, timed meditation beats, guided meditations and also facility to track your own meditation sessions. Many music apps also provide different music for different time slots of meditations. For example, Flute music for morning meditation or chimes music for evening meditation.

    Have you tried any such Apps for Meditation? Or you prefer to meditate in classic yogic way?

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    I am not following any yoga meditation or yoga meditation Apps. The only physical exercise what I do is walking one hour. Doing yoga regularly is a good thing for improving health and concentration.

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    Meditation is for those who are lazy, not busy. A person who is active and busy in life, need not meditate. It is only for those who have nothing to do, but sit idle and rest at home. Having nothing to do, they go into meditation. A lazy has time to meditate, but a busy doesn't.

    I do neither yoga nor meditate. I mind my own business and keep busy myself with my own activities. I get a sound sleep at night. Good sleep (Nitra) is a good exercise for our mind and body. It is purely my thought and opinion.

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    It depends upon their personal interests and I personally do not play any music for my yoga practice. Doing Yoga or exercise daily can bring our body stress-free and refresh our minds. Apps are good for the people who practice it daily. Some like music with yoga and some people do not like it. So choose things which give more relax for our body.
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    Generally I do not use much app. So I do not have a meditation app also. Moreover I am not fitness freak. I do not go to gym or do meditation, but just keep along with my normal activities. When feeling lazy or tired, I may sake and stretch my legs, hands and elbow, turn my neck this way and that way to have comfort. Or get up and walk a few steps inside the room. That is all. I go to market etc by walk only.

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    Any learning should be done through a guide/teacher/Guru. Then only it is proper and perfect.
    A king once went to forest and met a saint. On some self interest he approached the saint for considering him as his disciple and asked for a procedure to meditate. The saint overwhelmed and told a word to repeat during meditation. As the word he told found very familiar to the king mocked the saint and gone away. After certain months the saint came to see the king on his way. The king honoured the saint in the courtyard. Then the saint suddenly raised from the seat and asked the main minister to tie the king with chain. The minister stunned. Again the saint asked the knights to tie the king with chain. They also stood stunned. The king got angry and asked the knights to tie the saint with chain. They did immediately. The saint told the king with smile,'Oh Rajan, I told the minister and knights with the same word but they stood stunned but when you utter the very same word they tie me immediately. This is the thing. Word is same but the value is where from it come. Similarly I told a word to you to meditate as a Guru. Though it was familiar to you it has the value.
    So meditation should get learned through a guru/expert/master/teacher

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    Meditation is a great way to control one's activities especially the negative ones and is a great method to bring calmness and peace in one's life. Those who do it know its benefit. There are some aggressive and offending nature people who have completely transformed using practice of meditation. There could be exceptions also because if a person does not have faith in it then he or she may not be benefited much. Anyway the point is that in the beginning it is necessary to learn it from a knowledgeable person who can guide us as how to do it. Once we learn it and perceived benefits are starting to showcase themselves then one can be on one's own.
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    For us self meditation is best and going on. We do pranayamam and sandhyavandanam daily before the sunrise and that is nothing but self meditation and more powerful. Remembering the God with the Sun as the seen God , the day would begin with brighter note and going. I just cannot understand people follow the guided apps on meditation which was made for different kinds of people. The app is meant for those who are new to the meditation and knows nothing about it. But the old timers who are doing the rituals in the morning daily is as good as proven mediation and we are doing it with any master or mentor at the disposal. What I feel that we alone responsible for the upkeep of our health and what ever necessary tips are available either in video format or book format , we should follow the same and do meditation.
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    You need a guide when you are not aware of the thing. In the beginning, you may need a guide but after knowing the process, you can do it yourself. The same is applicable to meditation I think. Though there are many apps available they will only be able to play music or videos. The state of your mind needs to be controlled by you only. I do not know whether the apps tell you the process you need to follow to be in a meditative state, but listening to music may help. I do not follow any such apps but if guidance is provided through the apps I think it is better to take the help of a guide in unknown terrain.

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    Most of the members here have the opinion that meditation should be learned under guidance of a Guru or mentor. I agree with the both opinions mentioned here by majority, firstly meditation should be learned from a Guru. Secondly, self meditation is best way.

    I also learned my Yoga and meditation from my Yoga teacher from "Ambika Yoga Kutir". But, once learned anyone can perform the self meditation with help of Meditation Apps. I prefer doing my evening meditation with help of "Insight Meditation App" as this mobile application has a great collection of soothing sound tracks for meditation.

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