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    Academics to career-not quite a neatly solved jigsaw puzzle

    A jigsaw puzzle is solved on neatly slotting the correctly matched pieces together. A particular piece you may think fits into another will turn out not to be so, because then the overall image of the puzzle looks wonky.

    Taking this analogy, consider what academic stream and course a student takes up keeping in mind a future career. Was there eventually a neat fit? Or does the student find that the academic path was not in sync with the career he wished for? Maybe it is the case as well that perhaps the career requires further skills for the puzzle to fall in place. Did you end up taking a job that had no relation whatsoever with what you studied? Or did all the puzzle pieces get beautifully slotted as per your wishes and expectations?

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    Your education will be useful for you to find a job in the field you wanted. But it will not match your exact expectations and aspirations. Once you started your career, based on your expectations you have to go for improving the skills in the required area and you should go on identifying the correct job with the skills you developed and the experience you gained. SImply becoming an Engineer may not fetch you the job you wanted, You have to go for other skill sets and also you have gain experience and you may have to get additional qualifications also. All depends on how to plan your skills, experience and additional qualifications.
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    In the present competitive world getting job to earn their bread is not that easy. The course what they study and the job what they do in most of the cases don't match. For example, engineering students take different courses like mechanical, computers, electronics, electrical etc. When comes to job most of them settle in software firms only. Rarely students get a job in what they study. Similarly those who study Arts or Science courses may join in offices where the work is not at all related to their studies. I opted Life Sciences in my Degree and PG courses. So I became a teacher in the same subject what I studied.

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    In the olden days, the jigsaw puzzle was matching perfectly when we had only Arts, Science and Commerce. They could achieve what they wanted. These days with too many subjects and orientation studies and courses, it is very difficult to match the jigsaw puzzles. My daughter who is a Ph.D. in Agri(Plant pathology) is now an HRM in an IT industry. My son who was a science student turned commerce student is a Ph.D. (Doctor of law in International relations) with IMIC (International Master in International Communication), and now he is a professor teaching politics, history and culture in a foreign Univerisity.

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    Now in every corner, we can see that more Colleges are starting up without proper lab or facilities. The students get into such colleges and they are not able to find the perfect job for their career. When an Electronics and Communication Engineering student completes the course and they are finding the jobs only in software companies. Why are they not able to find jobs towards their core course?. The main problem behind this is the lack of skills and not able to work hard for the dream. Old days there were only a few courses and all of them can find jobs on their own and most of them are successful in life. The government must give sanction only to the colleges which are having good infrastructure and facilities and give a rank for the college based on the reputation of the college. Our Academics are now not as in jigsaw puzzle, we need students who continue their studies in India and must be able to work in our country rather than going into a foreign country.
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    In our country we have a big unemployment and people are not getting any job and what to say of a job of liking. Being a populated country we have excessive demand for jobs and as Govt had not been able to solve that in past and the present Govt is also not doing anything in this regard. So, in this grim scenario, no jigsaw puzzle would solve so easily. People are doing some study during their school life and then just hang around. They will try to apply for various jobs and then they would come to know that there are some deficiencies in the system due to which they are not benefited. So realty of life is different from what we plan for ourselves.
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    If the academic to career puzzle has to stay in place properly fit then what we need is t have only so much academic seats in each subjects for which only the employment need is there. But then that will create a lot of social and political problems. No everyone wants higher education. So they join wherever and whatever is available. Similarly job also as the supply d-demand mismatch is there

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    It could be like a jigsaw puzzle but for many of the students it is going to be a herculean task to solve this puzzle and carve out a fruitful career. Most of the students are working temporary as casual workers just to make their bare minimum livelihood.
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