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    Awareness towards the increase of TV Serials

    In every channel, the trend of TV serials of increasing and topic of all the serials are now becoming very bad and such parts are seen by the family members which influence our kids. Our kids follow whatever shown in TV. The parents have a major role in educating their children on taking strong decisions in life. Can the Television Serials be reduced or bring some content which is useful for the young generation rather than bringing some masala content TV serials? What is your opinion about the topic?. Give your suggestions and views. This is my entry for ISC 13th Birthday Special- A thread a day challenge
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    This thread was raised earlier also by our members. There are so many good television serials line Ganesha, Mahabharata, Jai Hanuman. All these given morals of devotion and other good deeds.

    In this present situation where the film industry has folded its hands and stood back on producing serials, the old serials are broadcasted.

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