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    Do you miss your school friends?

    After schooling, many students drift away from their friends either due to the choice of academic stream, college or change in one's home city. It can have many other possibilities also, especially for females, who might have spent their college days together too, but due to marriage, many settings change permanently. In later years of life, males to usually fail to keep in touch with their school mates either because of job or family.

    I am too happy now to get in touch with my school friends through social media but miss that vibe which was there during school days. On social media, we need to maintain some decency which makes the friendship a bit formal. Yes, if we have some close groups where no other person is allowed, then the flavour of true friendship gets revived. Still, the chit-chat among friends in their physical presence makes the surrounding lively and leaves a calming effect on heart and soul.

    I miss my school days and school friends extremely. What about you all?

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    I am not in touch with any of my school mates except only one school mate(not classmate) who is in touch with me. The only classmate who was my best friend from my same community expired in 2015. He was my friend as well as my rival. He used to be class first, and myself second. He never let me first. Also, I was inspired by his handwriting.

    My schoolmate is in Chennai. He worked in SBI and retired. We are in touch. In 2018, he invited me for his son's marriage held in Hyderabad. He took us to Hyderabad bearing all the expenses for the journey, food and lodging. A great event to remember.

    I have another 24 classmates of my professional course. I lost touch with them for the last three decades. They are spread around India from Punjab to Kanyakumari, and from Rajasthan to West Bengal. With the help of social media Facebook and WhatsApp, we could unite. We have now formed a Whatsapp group and are chatting well.

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    I am able to meet a few (five or six) of my classmates and schoolmates now. I am able to meet one or two very frequently and others once in a while. I am able to chat via Whatsapp one or two primary school classmates too.
    I happen to meet many people who studied in our school during my period there. But I am/was not much close to them.
    I do not have contact with any of my college classmates. However I get to meet a couple of my college teachers very frequently.

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    Most of my school mates are still in touch but I can't say our relations are quite warm nor I'm interested. I don't focus too much on past. All of us are busy in our lives, we often meet but never talk about school days, moreover, we don't see it necessary. I don't think being nostalgic is a good thing.

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    Keeping in touch with the school or college mates get difficult due to various reasons. During schools, we promise to be together but gets separated in college due to stream or percentage. In college, we make more friends and the same repeats. In professional college, we have another gang, in a hostel, in boarding, at workplace, our locality, church, etc. Our friend circle keeps on changing as we change our place, school, college, company, location, etc but some of those are close to us are always remembered and in contact. Smartphone and internet have made it easy to communicate and social media is a blessing that has helped us to get connected with many old friends, classmates, roommates, etc. Every friend circle will be having a separate WhatsApp group where they exchange messages and chat but to be frank, we cherish very few friends who bring a smile on our face. I had this habit of keeping contacts with many of my friends but due to workload and family life, it is slowly diminishing and taking the rear seat. Going back to our childhood days and talking about the mischiefs and naughtiness that we did is actually what we remember and cherish.
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    Missing school friends is a common practice and very natural too. The school life is the best life for every student because there is no pressure at all other than studies. Having contact with schoolmates keep us grounded. The schoolmates do not talk about power, position and wealth but remind the innocent days of school. Talking about teachers, our mischiefs and discussion about life without any inhibition make the life full of energy.


    You opined that being nostalgic is not a good thing. I believe one must be nostalgic or else life will be too realistic. It will have no charm.


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    Interacting with school friends is like peeping in our nostalgic memories of student life. Everyone enjoys it. In my case I had many friends not because I was very cordial, inviting and gullible but because they wanted help from me in studies. Every one wanted to make me friend as I would help them in exam time as well as other times with their homework when they were getting banging from their parents and teachers for not doing their homework in time. My parents did not like my outright helping attitude to others as they thought that it would disturb my studies. Anyway they kept quiet after seeing my scores in exams. So I have a very large number of people whom I can say are in my network and some of them are my school friends also. I do not miss them as they are already present there in online. My habit of helping is still continuing and I am guiding many students online in some sites for searching jobs and making a career of course free of charge just as a helping gesture from my side.
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    Yeah, I agree with the view I miss my school friend a lot. At present, no one school friend is in contact with me. All got separated due to education, marriage and job purpose. I tried to search on social media but couldn't get. But even today many sweet memories are in our mind. So many fun and mischievous work used to do during school days. I and my group friends would often get punishment for mischief. We would have fun together and share lunch together. We used to do good as well as bad act together. No doubt, that life was very innocent irrespective of caste, creed and religion. Childhood days were full of energy. That time, we were not worried about power, wealth and position. Our life was just like an independent bird.

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    We may be meeting our school friends or we may be in touch with them. But those days will never come back. But when we meet them we will get those memories and we all will feel happy. That is why it is good if we meet them once in a while. Even though we are in contact on social media, it may not be helpful that much expect to know the safe stay of each other. That is why we will have old students meet. Recently we had a old students meet of our intermediate batch and we enjoyed one day together.
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    As mentioned by the author women born in 70's might have missed their school friends but 80's, 90's and definitely the 2k kids will not miss their school friends.

    During my pass out from school, we did not have social media, but we all having cell phones, so we never lost the contacts.

    But ofcourse, the business in women life, did not help us to be as close as before. But during our hardships, we stood for each other as a mentor or atleast to share the grief.

    We are grateful for the trchnological advancement. Whatsapp give us the feel that we are closely connected, seeing the whatsapp status and sharing an emoji is our spl way of connection.

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    My school friends are in regular touch with me on WhatsApp, Instagram as well as on Facebook. We plan get together and one day picnics. In get together and picnics sometimes only we friends are involved and sometimes we go with whole family i.e. with spouse and kids. So, I do not miss my school friends now. But before WhatsApp was launched i really did miss to be in touch with my school friends.
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    Certainly we had four sections of higher classes from 6th to 10th and almost all the 120 students interact with each other either during interval time. lunch recess or while leaving the school. And most of us would come by local train there would be meeting in the morning at the stations and inside the train and also while going back at the stations and inside the train. So the bonding was more and there was virtual competition on many things and mind it we are studying in government school and the participation in each and every project was full and dedicated. Surely the best students are missing.
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    There are so many people around us who we call our friends. We need all these types of friends at some time and you become familiar with these friends throughout your life.
    Your childhood friend. Sometimes they are friends of your school, sometimes by staying in the neighborhood, you and their friendship become from childhood and then they are connected to you throughout your life. They also hide all the mistakes and sometimes they do not hold back from accusing themselves to save you from scolding.
    I still interact with my school friends and I am able to maintain this friendship with them throughout my life because friends have a place which is only for them
    Even today sometimes I missed those days, when life was going on without any tension, time did not seem to be known with these friends
    Today we may be far from friends but even today our relationship is as strong as it was in school

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