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    When challenge has become a challenge...

    A batsman who is out of form struggles to score runs in the game of cricket. When he is taken into the team, his curiosity and efforts to prove his consistency could be well seen by the player by the way he tries to hit the ball. In one way it becomes necessary to prove his existence. Same is the case with me after returning to ISC Forum by accepting the A thread A day Challenge contest and it really becomes a Herculean task to post a thread every day for 15 days. After going through the performance of every Contestant, I am looking like the Batsman trying to keep his wicket by playing defensive strokes and worried about the ugly Googlies that may swallow my wicket.

    The disturbance of the cunning Corona in the country and elsewhere and its ill effects also causing a problem to some of the friends have become a root cause for spoiling my concentration in addition to the busy work schedule. Yet, I have accepted the challenge of posting a thread daily till 15th July and try my best to do so even if it has become a challenge for me and I was thinking of the topic /question to post a thread.

    As of now, there are a plethora of things revolving in my mind, unable to post a question in the group of questions and leaving it to your guess.

    An Entry for A thread A day Challenge contest
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    I had just a while ago posted my eighth thread in the Challenge series
    The subject matter of that thread is the possible fatigue of finding a subject and posting a thread.
    It is always a bit difficult to work with tight deadlines and conditions.
    However as we do not have much exerting matters now we may somehow accomplish our task. Let us hope so.

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    I think you are doing very well and all your threads are good. But because of the problems of some of your friends, you may be thinking like that. Even then you are doing well.
    But for many members, it is a real tough situation to have a thread every day for 15 days. But the entire forum section is shinning in ISC with many good contributions from members and editors like you. A real contest which brought enthusiasm to many members. The idea is to be appreciated. I wish you will be doing a good job and wish you all the best.

    always confident

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