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    Biomedical Waste Generation and its Proper Disposal during COVID 19 and Post COVID 19

    We know that during the lockdown period the waste on the roadside was reduced tremendously, but now the unlocking process has been started. And people are returning to their jobs and things will be normalizing soon. But now a challenge is headed forward i.e. inappropriate disposal of Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) used for protection against coronavirus is creating an alarming situation in many big cities like Delhi and Mumbai and these used PPEs like bodysuits, masks, hand gloves and shoe covers are being disposed in large quantities. As large numbers of people are home quarantine, hence they are also adding a large quantity of bio-medical waste. Haphazardly thrown into used masks and gloves can be easily seen in our surroundings nowadays.

    It is necessary that all the people must be aware of it and disposed of used protective equipments safely. Large societies and RWAs of societies can make a collection centre to collect biomedical waste and after collecting all the biomedical waste should be sent to Biomedical Waste treatment facility for its proper treatment and disposal as per Biomedical Waste Management Rules 2016.

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    Biomedical wast disposal was a problem earlier also andit has become very critical adter the spread of Covid19.
    Added to this is the randomly thrown mass by general people too.

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    Biomedical waste disposal has to be undertaken with utmost care as it is very dangerous to throw them in public places. The problem of Biomedical waste disposal have been raised many times by concern people, media and common people and during such pandemics, department in charge must study it and make provision for its proper disposal. The government, hospitals, municipalities and local authorities need to make awareness in the public in the same way as they did to use PPE, the same awareness need to be given to common people about its disposal. If precaution is not taken or people are not made aware, it can cause more harm in future.
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