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    I was happy with ONE then, not happy with 100 now

    In the past, when someone clicked me, I used to feel happy, and I retained that photo like a treasure.
    In the present days, even after having many clicks with the cameras in Mobile phones and selfies, I am not very happy, and I do not wish to retain anything like a treasure.

    With one, I was damn happy. With 100s I am not happy at all. Technology has taken away my happiness.

    How do you feel about the past and the present? I think old members will join this thread to post their responses.

    This is my 8/15 (8th July 2020) thread for ISC's 13th Birthday Challenge contest.
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    SuN, it is very simple. Law of diminishing utility operates. When you are hungry the first Idli or roti tastes fantastic. The second one also tastes, but a little less. Like that it goes on. After a certain umbers you don't feel to take more. The utility is getting satisfied and you cannot take more.

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    I liked the comment given by Venkiteswaran(#702636) and it stands true. Earlier we had rolls and had to buy one to click a photo, get it cleaned and then would get the print. The process would take time and money. There was no facility to review the click and we would know about it only after it is framed in the album. During that era, clicking a photo was costly and occasion centred.

    Nowadays, we can click photos from our smartphone without any cost or effort. We can review it before saving it and can take many shots until we feel happy or like the picture. The digital world has made it easy for everyone to capture pictures and videos till our heart content. Till we get a thing, it has value and after having it in our hand, its value starts decreasing.

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    Too much is never advisable. A rare item will be given more importance. In my good childhood days in many houses framed photos used to there on all the four walls of the rooms in the houses. Any friend or relatives comes he will see those photographs and feel happy. Slowly that method is diminished and the album concept emerged. Only a few people who were spending more time with us used to see those albums. Now the trend is to click and share. We will take a selfie and post in social media and forget about it. This is the order of the day.
    The commodity which is available in less quantity is always in demand as per the economics. Lesser the availability more will be the demand. This is the supply and demand theory

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    You cannot let technology ruin your happiness. If it has, I feel that you should give up on it. Go back to the good old days. Why get clicked so randomly or allow anybody else to do that. Always carry a signboard that says "no photos, please". This way, people will know that you are photo shy. Get clicked once in a while and restore your happiness. Thus, the problem is solved, and SuN's happiness is back.

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    The camera which we used in the old days is true of the film roll and still, we don't have such type of cameras available in the market because Digital Cameras entered our market and technology has advanced. If we retain our old camera with roll, we can continue for a few days or months and then we will avoid such things in life. Technology will advance shortly and coming generations, but people must decide whether to choose such technology for our life or avoid it. For many things we like technology, but there are unnecessary things like messaging on the phone all the time. When we get into the bus or train, I can see that majority of them are either messaging in phone or earing music on the phone and we can argue that technology has advanced in our life. Always take good things which are necessary for our life and avoid things which we don't like it.
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    Even now when photographs and video shoots were taken for marriage and other important functional events, we store those albums and video's carefully. Whenever we go through them we feel happy and enjoy those memories. But the daily clicks what we make with mobiles we don't care much as there is possibility of taking photos anytime. Because the various moments of functions come only once in a life time even the moments clicked on digital platform we store it in the form of albums and video's.

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    I love to take photos in my smartphone than the earlier method. The smartphone is ready with us and we can click as and when we feel, this capturing the most memorable ones. I have captured just like the film roles of my children, which would not happen through the studio photos.

    Studio photos were with only a few backgrounds but with smartphones, we can change the backgrounds too.

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    Interesting thread by the author. When something is rare and precious and limited in its availability then we adore it and feel privileged by having it. It gives us a great satisfaction and happiness that we have it. Same thing when it is available in plenty becomes worthless and in many cases becomes a clutter in our house only to throw it out some day. It is true for everything in our lives including the large number of photographs which we have and which are now overflowing everywhere like the water in a river in the rainy times. It just overflows and floods everywhere.
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    The olden days are golden days and era of black and white photos were still adorable. We used to take one phone during the childhood and retain the same even today. My eight month old photo taken in the year 1964 is still preserved and framed. But I am also not liking with taking so many photos in the present era through the smart phones. The photos should be taken when needed, but we are taking photos for the sheer pleasure and nothing else. Sometimes the photos taken by us are disliked by self for the reasons better know to us. More over elders used to say that we should not take the photos often and that would decrease our age of life. But when ever something is more and brim full, we tend to hate it or discard and the same thing is happening with present era photos which are not liked by us and also by others.
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    I am at my wits end as what to do with so many old pictures and also new pictures and especially the similar ones. Time to time I try to sort them after deleting the similar ones but now it has become unmanageable and impossible to arrange them. May be some day we would have some app to do that for us!
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