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    We are halfway do you feel the thread challenge fatigue

    It is now about eighth day since we took upon ourselves the challenge of one thread each day. It is just half the journey. So much more is remaining. Can we do it? Do you find any fatigue or compulsion, or lack of spontaneity and subjects to churn out threads?
    Even if we do not answer sincerely and truly, the thread themselves may express the answer.
    How was the past seven days' challenge?

    (This is the eighth thread for A Thread a day Challenge)
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    You are a midnight postman. I think, you think for the whole day and come up with your thread immediately after midnight 1200 regularly every day.
    Of course, the fatigue is felt a bit. We started running a marathon race from 01 July to see 15th July. All are running fast to win the race. It is going to be a tough task for the organizers to get the first, second and third winners touching the end rope.
    I am not tired. I will manage to challenge. But I am sure, I won't win the race and get a prize. It is a Challenge to ISC.

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    SuN, it is just happening that is all. My pattern is to sit late. Mostly I sit in front of my computer by early evening or early night. Then I will surf various news sites, my emails, some random surfing, along with reading and responding ISC threads or AE questions. Most of my thread subjects are impromptu subjects and not prepared earlier. In fact today I did not get a suitable subject. I thought whether it is due to the thread fatigue. So I made that it a subject.
    As I sit late and go to sleep late, i get up also late. The first half of the day goes in personal and family matters. Then rains and issues of power failure etc. So I just post a thread at the start of the new day itself in order not to miss it.
    This is not my new habit. It was like this earlier also.
    (Calling me a mid night postman, I enjoyed the dig. But today you beat me in that,as you posted one more closer to midnight than me)

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    No way, I never felt the fatigue of thread a day challenge. For me raising a thread gives me lots of satisfaction and even pride too. Because a thread initiation requires whole lots of knowledge and happenings around us and only a keen observer can hoist more threads. And I am seeing that this forum is full of more threads and within writing one response, two or three new threads seen on the top and that peps me more to answer them one after other. But again time constraints and family responsibility force me to cut short my stay in the forum and therefore I am randomly giving responses.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Every day posting a thread a day challenge has been good since the past 8 days. New and existing members are coming up with good threads and have meaningful data in it. I am doing the posting sometimes at day or evening. The consistency in the Broadband network is also a problem and some times power outages happen, but I am doing the posting consistently. Hope the Editors will have a tough time for judging the winners.
    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

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    I would say, yes! it is not that I am stressed or any compulsion as I was the one who accepted the challenge and hence I will try to complete the race. In school, our athletic sir taught us that it is not always about winning but always try to complete the race. Here too, getting new thoughts and to frame it is a bit difficult for a person like me as I was not a regular poster. It becomes difficult to come up with topics that is new, innovative and not covered by other members. Sometimes, I get thought but when I scroll the contest post, some are already posted by other members in a direct way or in an indirect way but the content remains the same. It is becoming a bit fatigued but I will try to cope up with others so as to learn and to be in the race. I am challenging myself of becoming a better writer to brainstorm a little more so as to complete the race. I am motivated by Reena Upadhya post that says " Let's become a better version of who we are. I am trying to improve my bit on the content and my writing so as to become a better version of who I am.
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    True. We have crossed halfway mark of the contest. For the members who post every day one or two threads may not feel anything special. But for the people who are habituated to post a new thread once in a while only will feel the pressure I think. As far as I am concerned, I am trying to see maximum threads and put my comments. But not able to complete all. I am spending more time on this site even then I am not able to finish.
    Some members who are not regular here also posting threads. That is a good point to note. Some threads are really good and giving good food to the mind.
    I am sure that all will post a thread a day till 15th without fail. But what I want to see is the responses and postings after the contest is over.

    always confident

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    I like to contribute to the article section more. However, ISC has turned into an educational website, and I am finding it not so easy to write articles on admissions and courses. Since it is not my genre, I find it time-consuming. I may try it in the future. That being said, I am not very active in the forum section. Contributing a thread every day seemed challenging to me. Before taking the challenge, I thought a lot that I may fail to submit threads for 15 days, and I may quit after a few days. Thus, I should not give up my name. Somehow I reluctantly joined the contest. However, I am finding it conveniently easy. I am right now motivated to submit the remaining ones too. But yes, the subjects in the forum section are becoming common and are being repeated.

    Thank you, Varghese. I am glad my post inspired you.

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    Very true! Normally I am not that into raising new threads regularly hence for me it is a bit tiresome task to write on a new topic every day. And yes, I also count the day after submitting that day's thread for the contest. But I am happy that I made it at least till halfway. I do not know about others but in my case, my subconscious mind always searches for a good topic to write about as a thread. May be after posting threads for 15 days, I will become habitual of posting threads regularly and that will be really a great outcome for me.

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    When this contest was announced I was thinking why they had not done it for the whole month that is each day a thread for 30 days. Now I realise that even 15 days is too much. It should have been may be 7 days or like that. We all would realise this sooner or later. Now there are so many threads and some of them are so good that we want to respond to them but it is practically impossible to respond to so many threads at a time. This has really become a test of the strengths of the members. Let us see how it proceeds further. In any case this is a challenge and we have to complete it.
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    ISC did not give a good thought to this contest. It blindly selected number 15. They could have selected 13 as this is the 13th birth anniversary of ISC. They have deviated from their own instructions and guidelines. When a thread is considered to be old after 10 days, how can we continue to post 15 threads for 15 days? Is it not against the ISC policy? It would have been ideal if we had 10 threads for 10 days. And all the threads should be locked on the eleventh day for evaluation of threads and to announce the results.

    At times, ISC too slips.

    No life without Sun

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    @ #702770 "Now there are so many threads and some of them are so good that we want to respond to them but it is practically impossible to respond to so many threads at a time. "

    This is the main challenge now. As you said we will met the challenge. That is why we accepted it voluntarily.

    As Padmini @702760 said it may become a habit also for many from now. Some of us may find the constraints as remarked by Reena Upadhyaya in #702684 .

    All the other above responses also have also given valid view points .

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    I am not finding thread a day is bringing any fatigue to me. Generally, on normal days I will try to think a lot to post a thread in the forum. But because of this challenging contest, every day I am getting several new thoughts early in the morning from which I am posting one best of that what I believe the best.

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    I am not at all stressed by this challenge. Finding a good topic for generating thread every day is actually stimulating my mind in very positive way. In fact it is getting more and more interesting day by day. Many old and new members are posting so many refreshing topics to discuss.
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    I like to contribute in articles and other sections and usually do not contribute in the forum section. But as i also accepted the challenge I feel I can raise some good topic to create awareness and can utilize this platform in a very meaningful manner. However, people in this forum are already aware but somehow i can make some effort at my level too. I thanks ISC for this challenge contest. And I am not feeling stressed at all. But due to a busy schedule sometime It is very difficult to find time for this work. But I am happy that I am able to complete it.

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    To accept the challenge was my choice, and my feeling says, it was the right decision on my part. After completing my household chores, I usually spent time on ISC by reading various posts. I write for different contests but fail to leave a comment on different threads because of tiredness. The thread challenge forced me to challenge my attitude and body both. I am happy that till now I have submitted a thread per day. I wish to complete the challenge, and this habit would make me post threads in the forum section quite frequently. Thus, I am thankful that ISC started such an engaging contest.

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