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    Live life like brothers, do business as strangers

    People have two distinct phases in their lives. One is the personal life while other is the professional life. There are different demands of these from the person. The first one seeks a loving and affectionate person while the other terrain asks for a shrewd and focussed approach for professional success. It is said that one should enjoy one's personal life in a cordial and cooperative environment to reap the benefits of good relations and behaviour with family, friends, and relatives. But when it comes to the business or professional life one has to be very tough and clear in one's approach and direction so that business thrives well. In business one has to be very clear that business is for making profit and is not a charity to help the friends and relatives. What do you think about this? Please share your thoughts.

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    This kind of attitude is seen in Marwari communities who do not give credit to even their near and dear ones and everything done with cash on table basis. It is good practice to behave as brothers when it comes to personal life and be strict during business dealings. I have seen so many partnership shops and business establishments in which all the brother would have a task and they are paid salary from the shop or company and the whole earnings and borrowings would be duly accounted for. One of my friend who has the cloth business gets salary for the work done and his father is very strict and would not allow even one rupee taken from the business account. Such strict adherence of rules would enable good progress of business as there would not be corruption or nepotism during the business.
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    Throughout our life, we both have two types of life one is personal and other is professional life. In personal life, we are having a father, mother, wife and kids and we need more time for dedicated to it. In professional life, we must look for pure business by generating more money rather than looking like a charity for spending it. For generating good business one must have good skills in finding out the right person for it and must give advice and presentations for generating more income for the company. Always it is better to keep your personal life out of the Professional life because we cannot mix up both into it and can create problems if not handling properly.
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    Author David Nour has mentioned about Three types of business relationships in one of his business session at the Best Of Breed(BOB) conference in Monarch Beach, Calif. The three types are personal relationships or discretionary relationships, functional relationships and strategic relationships. The personal relationships are not relevant to the profession like with family, etc. The second type i.e. the functional relationships are the one that we maintain with our colleague or customer and the third type i.e. the strategic relationship is full with the business, about its nurturing the business, to increase sales, solve problems, new products or services, customer satisfaction, etc. We might have even seen in Bollywood movies where a businessman says that to succeed in life, they need to keep both their personal and professional life separate and in business, there is no value for the relationship.
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    I feel everything is dependent on intention. In our personal lives, we intend to love and care for our near and dear ones, and thus, we behave accordingly with our family, relatives and friends. There is no calculation of how much we spent and how much we received. In our professional life, we behave in a very different way as we intend to earn profits. I have seen businesses where the intention is to employ others. When the intention changes, the business person's aura changes. The toughness melts into humbleness.

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    I think personal relations are different and business relations are different. Even in business also we may have to have some good relations. Then only we may be able to push our products. Many street vendors will be coming to our streets for selling the items. But many housewives prefer to purchase from a particular vendor only. That may be due to how the vendor responses, the quality and the price. So the relations we maintain will also have some effect on the business. If a person is a regular customer we may have to consider for some additional benefit to him. This is to improve the business.
    One need not have the same attitude in personal relations and business relations. But in business relations also we should have some considerations which may affect profits but we will be proved that we are humans.

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    Family environment is totally different from the office or business environment. One has to be cautious and alert and should not mix them as that would lead to confusion and conflicts in life. Personal life is to be handled with love and care while workplace is to be managed professionally.
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    'Work while you work, play while you play' is an ol adage. It reminds us not to mix up tings and roles. We have to do maximum justification to what we do.
    That is how accounting too teaches us. It shows capital as a liability and loans as assets. Even if we are proprietor of a business, we have to treat personal money and business money as separate and have to be accounted properly. Then only we can run the business and family smoothly.
    Though it is the same hand that embraces one's wife, daughter, mother and sister, the intention, emotion, approach and attitude is entirely different in each. In the same way we should compartmentalise the different aspects in our life and deal separately as particularly relevant to that compartment.

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