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    Does Corruption have Direct link with the Government Officials?

    In the past few days, we are seeing the news as Gold Smuggling has again entered into headline page. They have been doing this for the past six years and some of the officials are also involved in it. It is not just a smuggling case rather it is between the two countries and thus it is an important and serious matter. Anyway, the concerned person has been out from his post and hopes the government will find the culprit. How come a government official can be part of this?. Why IAS officers are being a part of this?. Give your suggestions and views on the topic. This is my entry for ISC 13th Birthday Special- A thread a day challenge
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    I don't know in detail about this news you are talking about, however, one thing can be confirmed that corruption is everywhere in the system. It's too deep rooted to be decimated. We are common people, nothing is in our hands, so what is the point in even discussing this issue. Corruption is integral part of system so don't heed to it and stay cool.

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    We corruption everywhere. Many people never think that corruption is bad. This speaks about the nature of the people. They never give importance to any other aspects except for making money. They have no values or ethics. Education never gave them the importance of values in their lives.
    The main reason is greed for earning money and temptation to have all luxuries and comforts in life. The root cause of these corrupt practices is the nature of politicians. They spend a lot of money in the election and they want to make much more money during their period. So they manipulate the issues and escalate. When my boss is making good money, why I should not. Then the IAS officers will come into the picture.
    There is no area where there is no corruption. I don't know how this issue will turn as there are two countries involved. What else the culprit has done ist to be still known.

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    Corruption is closely linked with bribery in various forms like money, property, shares, etc and has continuously involved in every area of Indian society. I would not be able to say that corruption has a direct link with the Government Officials but they do have some links. When we talk about scams that spring up during election and subdue as the elections are over. Every minister or the government are pointed as corrupt but when it comes to its cases, nothing is proved. In some cases, the documents are missing, in some, the witness is dead or murdered or withdraws their claim, etc. Everyone knows the truth but no-one wants to point the finger as they know that when one points their finger, the other three is pointing back at them and the same is in corruption cases.

    Just take the list of scams like Housing-loan scam, Punjab National Bank Scam, Delhi Jal Board tanker scam, Gujarat fisheries scam, Cash for Vote Scam, SmartCity, Kochi scam, Indian Premier League spot-fixing and betting case, Kerala solar panel scam, Aadhaar scam, Indian Air Force land scam, 2G spectrum case, Himachal PPE Scam, etc. The list goes on and on but how many of the cases are solved or closed with correct procedures. Some just crop up and then are closed by upper hand power.

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    The current topic of debate in Kerala and even in national channels is related to gold smuggling case via a consignment addressed to a foreign nation's consulate office in Kerala.
    The details are being investigated. Any discussion or opinion by us will be gossip and sensationalism. Let us watch TV and social media and newspapers to know more details. Definitely there will be a systematic investigation and we may know the full details after the investigations are over and case filed. It is natural that the case gets political overtones.
    Media is happy because it has all the ingredients to make a Masala entertainment and increase rating. A woman's name is being discusses involved in this matter, and is alleged that she has connections with an important official in the government.

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    Corruption is everywhere in the world in every country and only thing is its intensity is different. In places where there are stringent punishments for corruption, it goes down as people are fearful of getting caught. I would not say all but most of the people would do corruption if given a free hand. So, what is required a strict governance and regime where there are no avenues to make corruption. I strongly believe that most of the people are greedy and selfish and if they get an opportunity they would go for corrupt practices and make money for themselves as well as future generations. Many times we hear that such and such person was caught and it was found that he was having so many hundred crore rupees in his accounts and deposits. Normally an average salaried person would have much less than a crore saving at the time of retirement and these people are having hundred crore of rupees. From where that money has come? From corruption only.
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    I get Ajai's point. The very word 'government official' or 'politician' we equate with corruption. It is something that has become habitual, something that we generalize very broadly. We assume that if we visit a government office to get something done, we need to take something to bribe, that the person we are dealing with is corrupt. Similarly with a politician. We will generalize, for example, that the politician who is doing something for the locality is doing so for some selfish reason, such as expecting something in return, such as a vote during elections or donation for a festival-related activity. We will not consider it as a selfless activity for the general benefit of the residents.
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    There are government officials who have the link and knowledge of how to make money and thanks to their very good connections from state to central level and even at the embassy level. All the corrupt practices could be possible because officials have their association through which they get acquainted with other officers of some high departments and thus works can be done so smoothly without any detection or the stoppage of any work. The Kerala gold smuggling is the classic example of how the embassy and the government officials nexus could turnout to a huge scandal and which may cost the Pinari Vijayan Govt. Normally the officers and officials are paid good salaries and perks and they need not indulge in corruption but when the channels pave for easy access of things without detection then that is god sent.
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