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    Discuss: Should the number of days for vacation next year be reduced?

    We always see in cricket if there is rain and shortage of time then the time of lunch is reduced from 45 to 10 or 15 minutes. We have seen many times and it increases the numbers of overs in one day matches.

    Similarly, due to Covid-19 pandemic, the schools have not been started and only online classes have been started by some schools. Can we apply similar thing here? Can we cut the number of days of vacation for next year? The total number of vacation days for students is 45 days in M.P. (it may differ in other states). Can we reduce the number of days to 15 and we will get an extra one month to study.

    The respected members are requested to share their opinion in this thread.

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    Yes. But we have to see how the position at that time. COVID has to come down completely and there should not be any new threats like the new virus and all that. It is too early to decide on that. Already we have lost many productive days in the last academic year and many days in this academic year also. So it is good to reduce vacation in the coming year and see that working days will be more. But unfortunately, teachers of government schools are being asked to report in other duties and there are no holidays for them. As such if we ask to reduce the vacation, they may suffer a lot. That also is to be taken into consideration. If teachers are ready to work for more days and parents are willing to send their children to school for more days, it will be wise to reduce vacation days as already we have a long vacation because of this COVD19.
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    The students are already having their online classes and they are taught the portions that are required. The teachers are doing their job of taking online classes, preparing notes, presentation and even tests are conduction. It is only that some portions are reduced as everyone is not familiar with the online classes and it will take time for everyone to understand and be experts in its usage. If the vacation of children is reduced, do you think the students will whole-heartedly come to school? many students will be cursing while some may enjoy and some would not have any reaction. Fro working parents, it will be a relief as their children will be in school but for children, they enjoy their holidays and let them be children. For adults, when we have to work on holidays, we grumble so just think about the children and their state of mind. Are we trying to complete the portion and make children like what they study. Let this pandemic finish and everything gets back to normal and let everyone live a normal life as we did.
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    It depends upon the condition of ongoing COVID 19 pandemic and we don't know when it will stop and we cannot predict the situation at that time. Now teachers are having extra duty in finding details of COVID patient and they are having extra duty for taking online classes. We cannot say that the holidays can be cut off, because for them they need some time to rest. Students will not come to schools unless the situation gets over. Wait for the situation to ease and then we can decide whether to cut holidays or not.
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    We cannot predict anything that is going to happen next. Students this year also they haven't enjoyed the holidays because of Covid-19. In summer also schools conducted online classes. Next year also if they cut holidays they get exhausted. So it is better to manage this academic year with a reduced syllabus in time and conduct the exams at the usual time. Because of reduced schedule, CBSE called this academic year as a zero year.

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    Here the whole calendar of events not only for the education field, but the other official calendars also may change in the upcoming two to three years. Sunday's may turn to be a working day and Saturday may be weekly off.

    Holidays for children will be shortened for festivals like dusherra, Diwali, Christmas. The annual summer vacations may be shortened too as the year may start from September and end up to April.

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    We may have to take many new decisions as per situations evolving. We cannot ignore any suggestion and thinking now. Anything may be needed and possible after a fe weeks or a couple of months. A new situation can develop. If an effective medicine is found to cure Covid, then that can change everything.
    So things are quite fluid now. Let us fervently pray for an effective medicine as cure or an effective vaccine and hope for a speedy solution to the current problems.

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