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    Every day can be a fresh start

    Many of us crave to bring changes to our lives. It may be certain changes such as spending some time in making oneself physically fit or eating clean. It may be controlling anger and living peacefully. Some of us want to change our old habits. It can be quitting to drink alcohol, smoking, lying or indisciplined lifestyle. Whatever may be the change but we wait until the new year to implement it. Until then we continue with what we are doing and feel that when the clock will strike twelve in the midnight, we will bid goodbye to our old habit or old self and will transform into an improved version. Why do we wait until the new year? Probably because we all want to start fresh. We feel what can be better than the start of a new calendar year.

    What is the loss of waiting? People who want to give up on their unhealthy habits can give up anytime. Those who do not want to give up find excuses such as new year resolutions. Their inner drive isn't that strong enough. It is not going to happen that all of a sudden they will wake up on 1st January and give up the old habit. Even if they make resolutions on the new year, they give up a day or two later.

    Then why wait for so long. Every day the sun rises and every day is a chance to bring the desired changes. Sun doesn't wait for a new year to arrive, then why should we postpone the things to the future which is so uncertain. Whatever we wish to achieve and change in our life, we have to do that now. We can start over anytime and any day of the year and slowly reach our set goals.

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    The new year is different for many. For Marathi and Konkani Hindus, it is the Gudi Padwa festival that marks the traditional new year, Puthandu is the year of the Tamilians, Baisakhi is the new year for the Punjabis, Vishu is the New Year in Kerala, etc. The gregorian calendar is followed throughout the world and thus we all mark it as new year on the 1st of January every year. We normally think that any new thing that we start should be started on the new year as it gives us some kind of inspiration but as mentioned, we forget about it the very next day or give up within few days. If we are determined to do a thing or take up the challenge of learning a new thing, giving up something, any day can be taken as a day to start it. We can remember the doha of Saint Kabir, "Kaal kare so aaj kar, Aaj kare So ab, Pal mein pralaya hoyegi, Bahuri karoge kab" when translated "The work you plan to do tomorrow, do it today, today's work try to do it now, If the present moment is lost or some undesirable happens, then how/when will the work be done?"

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    True. The author is correct. These are all weaknesses and some cause to avoid stopping now itself. To act nicely or to do good things we need not wait for an auspicious time. People who are not convinced to adopt the change will do this postponement. Interested people will start at the same moment I think. People who are not strong enough at their mind only will fix the dates like this.
    My friend used to say I decided to stop smoking from today. But after two days we used to see him smoking. We all understood that he can't stop. Whenever he said that I will stop, we used to ask for how many days?

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    It is true from the author the people who need to change their unhealthy behaviour, they can change at the correct time and don't wait for such New Year to come for it. A person who is having a determined mind can Fastrack his time and can take the decisions at the correct time. Some people always take the time to find an excuse in their life. If one needs to achieve anything in their life, then don't wait for time and tide to happen. Everyone needs to take important decisions in life at one time or another and such people will set a good plan for the future and tend to achieve their goals in the long run. Some people believe that waiting for the New Year resolution can bring prosperity and joy for their family. This is one aspect which all the families follow in all time. Take decisions and find appropriate solutions for mistakes which we have done in our life and plan for the future appropriately.
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    It is true that many individuals announce openly that they are going to quit smoking, drinking, dieting half-day to reduce body weight, come to the office incorrect time, etc. For this, they keep a starting day especially an occasion like Newyear's day. Those who say quitting drinking alcohol on Newyear's take an excuse on that day itself and enjoy drinking. This is the way people deceive themselves and never succeed in such promises. But there is a small percentage of people who are so self-determined if they take such decisions they promptly follow. For such people, there is no need for a landmark day to bring some good changes for themselves to prosper. So self-determination only determines the destiny of an individual to transform into a good positive way.

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    "Shubhasya sheeghram"- any good matter should be started at the earliest. This Sanskrit phrase and its equivalent is heard in our homes whenever something good is being discussed or initiated. This phrase is mostly used when we try to fix a marriage date (Muhurtam) or a 'Gruhapravesh'(housewarming) etc. The concept then will be no to delay , but do it as early as possible.
    Not just in this, but whatever can be good to us or others should be done immediately. There s no need to wait for a choice day. Every day is good as it starts fresh every day along with Sunrise. Many times delays cause problems later. Hence, it is: the earlier the better.
    However that does not mean that you should overlook caution prudence and proper preparation.

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    A strong will power to change our habit should be given the first prefernce. Once we have this idea next comes the implementation of our habit.

    For bringing a new habit into our lives, we need to start someday. This can be any day, any point of time but once started should be continued for at least one month.

    It cannot be achieved by any individual if he or she is guided by other members of the family, friends or relatives. The inner soul has to command the mind to fall in track, then it can be successful.

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